Another Day, Another Terrible Photoshop Job


OK, we know.  We’ve already expressed outrage at horrible Photoshop jobs on several occasions, we’ve complained about awkwardly-constructed thigh gaps and lost rib cages and just about everything in between but, listen guys, we’re not going to stop talking about these things until they stop happening – and believe me, they do keep happening. Case in point: Dress Lily’s Irregular V-Neck Sleeveless Sexy Style Cut Out Cotton Blend Women’s Dress (which is on sale for $15.53, to boot!), featuring a bad Photoshop job for the ages. I’d say they got the “irregular” part down. This model looks so stretched, it’s unreal. I’d like to think this is simply a terrible image size/resolution issue, but I think we all know it’s also intentional (and terrible) editing that’s the culprit.

Look: The model wearing this dress is already thin, that much is certain. She doesn’t need stretching! It doesn’t make the dress look any better and in fact, it makes both the dress and the woman wearing it seem cartoonish and unrealistic. There’s nothing admirable about the Stretch Armstrong-esque qualities given to her limbs, which seriously look as though they’ve been pulled like taffy. The message I get from this ad is less “buy this dress” and more “oh dear, that’s sort of hilariously awful!”

When will we stop abusing Photoshop? When will we learn that there’s a difference between erasing subtle mistakes – fixing shadows or bad lighting, smoothing the fabric on the clothing being sold and the like – and taking such desperate measures to make a model look rakishly thin and, by certain societal standards, therefore more attractive?

If this is the future of selling me clothes, I think I’ll opt out.

[H/T PS Disasters]

  • Kristen Fraser

    I want to believe that it’s just bad proportions or resolution, but the top half doesn’t look alien-like… just the bottom part. I’m not sure if it was done to make her look thinner or taller, but either way, I don’t see what purpose it serves in marketing the dress to non-alien women.

  • Samantha Hills

    Not only is it stretched but look, her hair has nearly severed her head!

  • Rhyan James Carter

    Actually it appears as if they’ve taken a photo of the dress, the woman, and the legs seperately. It actually flows behind her leading leg which would leave the other one sticking out the back somewhere. They’ve taken a photo of the dress on a stand by itself, then used a stock image or perhaps a custom one taken in the right pose with the girl, and then to cover up the big leg gap they’ve cut a leg from another image and stuck it in to hide the game, and not resized or scaled it to the image correctly which gives her leg the proportions of a mutant amazonian woman. It isn’t a stretch job or something done for beauty for the most part, just seems like some junior designer with too much shit on their plate and smashing out stuff quickly and crappily to meet a deadline.

  • Brooke Opie Ragusa

    I think the leg stretch may be due to the photo being taken from a low angle with a wide angle lens. But that doesn’t excuse the obvious squish they did on her whole body and as a photographer, I would never shoot fashion with a wide angle lens because it does create optical distortion. SIGH!!! Can’t wait for companies to stop publishing this crap.

  • Emma Catchpole

    Don’t forget the attempt at lengthening her neck and thickening her hair resulting in a weird neck-beard looking thing!

  • Serena Vlavianos

    It seems to me that this is a petite model and they’ve attempted to make her an unnaturally tall, overly thin model. Pretty sure people would buy the dress without butchering the photo.

  • Daniel Gomez

    I actually feel in this case that they’re jumping on the “over-photoshop and we’ll get reported on” train for this one. Note how you still advertised the cheapness on the dress for this one. Undoubtedly, this article and others like it will give more publicity for those who photoshop their models horrendously.

  • Angela Freeman

    I think these companies are trying to be outrageous for the free publicity..

  • Brett Ness

    It is just the upward perspective of the camera and they resized the photo so the aspect ratio is wrong (which stretches her). This is just a bad graphic artist – I don’t think it is an attempt to make the model look like something that she is not. Could be wrong but just appears that way..

  • Michael Whitlatch

    Did it occur to anyone that this is how the model actually looks in real life? Let’s be a little more sensitive ok? :)

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