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Angry Birds, Why Must Princess Leia Be Pink?

Hold up. It’s Rant and Rave time.

Angry Birds, arguably the most popular gaming app, has joined the Force with one of Hollywood’s biggest IPs, Star Wars.  Angry Birds: Star Wars was released November 8th but had a big update this last week, Episode 5: Hoth.

As a Star Wars purist… I held out. I thought, “This crazed consumerism cross-branding crap has got to stop!!! Everyone has just gone too far!!” So I took a stand. I did what we all wanted to do… I broke down and bought it. Judge me you will not.


Available on iOS, Google Play, PC, Amazon, Mac, Windows 8 & WP8, each zone is represented by Star Wars lore, with areas like Tattooine and The Death Star. Taking inspiration from Episode IV: A New Hope, Angry Birds tells the Star Warsstory, but the gameplay is what makes this App awesome.

If you’ve yet to play, the “Imperial Pigs” are weaponized, complete with Stormtrooper uniforms. But our multicolored, feathered friends have adapted sweet powers from their Star Wars counterparts, slingshotting structures by using R2D2’s electrical shock, Han Solo’s blaster, Obi-Wan’s Force Push and, of course, you totally get to swipe through baddie pigs with Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber. And, if you get into trouble on a level, you can always call in the Millennium Falcon to take everything out. Great sound effects too!


…. and now

Okay. The update. Now that I’ve told you all about how rad Angry Birds: Star Wars is, but let’s take a moment to consider the involvement of Princess Leia. With the new update, players finally get to use the “pink bird”. So let me ask an obvious question: Why do we have to make Leia pink, Rovio?  She’s a girl. We get it. We KNOW. She’s Princess Leia of Alderaan – a master marksman spy for the Rebel Alliance.  She killed Jabba the Hutt.  She’s a badass. And I’m not saying that pink can’t be badass — it can be super rock ‘n roll —  but it just gets old. Girls don’t always wear pink. Jus’ sayin’. If you don’t believe me… take it from Riley.

Look… sometimes pink totally works, but Princess Leia’s color palette was important. It was intentional. Leia primarily wears WHITE with SILVER or GOLD in Star Wars. Even her famous Metal Bikini had RED cloth. The closest Leia even comes to pink is in The Empire Strikes Back when she wears the Bespin Gown in Cloud City… for like five minutes. And even then, the tunic is burgundy with a light blu-ish / lavender-ish cloak.

This isn’t just about being a chick to me, it’s about painting females with deliberate choices instead of “the left over color” that this industry rarely assigns to dudes. Bottom line:  The defaulting of female video game characters to pink is the equivalent of in-game sexism.  And I’m so very over it. Let me know what you think on twitter.


Outside of my rant, and even though it annoys me… I love the game. Its fun. It makes me laugh. It makes me frustrated. I find myself addicted. It really is pretty awesome.

Angry Birds: Star Wars is also a great, inexpensive holiday gift for the mobile gaming lover in your life! Stocking stuffers, holla!

That’s it for my Rant and Rave. So, good luck. And may the Flock Be With You… yea, I said it.  /shame

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Featured Images Via:  Star Wars

Images Via: Rovio and Star Wars

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