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Angry Birds In Highschool

I think its safe to say that everyone has heard of or played with the iPod/iPad game Angry Birds, which is now available on Android platforms and online. I always thought that every bird had a different high school personality and each one would belong in a certain clique. These are my picks on which is which.

The Black Bomb Bird

This bird is the bomb if ya know what I mean. I think he would be the captain of the football team at a high school because he’s big (like most jocks) and popular and pretty much everyone likes him.

The Fast Yellow (and may I say, ReallyAngry) Bird

I think this bird would be one of the preppy, super-organized girls who is president of all the committees and its really self-driven. She’s really fast because her parents push her to do her very best and she would probably be disappointed with an A- on her math quiz.

The Small Blue Bird That Explodes Into 3 Other Small Blue Birds

The popular girl. She can make you feel totally horrible about yourself and then when her 2 sidekicks arrive, you feel two times more crappy.

The Red Bird

You get this mediocre bird in the very beginning of this game. I think they’re the wannabes and followers. All they want is to fit in, except that when they try to, nothing happens.

The BIG Red Bird

This bird is definitely the bully of the school. Don’t mess with him.

The White Egg-Dropping Bird

These are the gossipers of the school. They know everything about everybody. You never know when they’ll drop your biggest darkest secret.

The Green Slingshot Bird

This is the bird that you’ve been going to school with since kindergarten and never noticed him/her. Suddenly they come back after a summer break and all of a sudden, you can’t help but notice them. It’s like, BAM, wow, you’re really cute!

Or at least this is what I think High School is like. I’m in grade 7.

Photos Via: The Oatmeal, RedBubble, and Angry Birds Nest

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