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An Open Letter to Throw Pillows

Dear Throw Pillows,

I have like nine hundred of you. “Like nine hundred” may be an exaggeration. It could be closer to seven. No wait, it’s nine. Yes, I have nine throw pillows on my bed and you’re all worthless. Every last one of you – I mean, it’s right there in your name, see – throw – so this shouldn’t come as a surprise that I would rather throw you on the floor at the end of the day than keep you on my bed. I mean you are intended to be a pillow and to exist as a pillow but not for me to actually lay my head upon while I’m getting up in my REM cylce. Sorry but I have one very dependable tempur-pedic cushion that takes care of the fragile stuff (my head and neck, duh). But throw pillows are silly and unnecessary and worthless… except for the fact that I love throw pillows.

Why do I love throw pillows so much? Isn’t it obvious? I am a girl. Girls love throw pillows. Right after braiding their hair and organizing the contents of their bags and gasping at unexpected news and silently coveting other girls’ clothes/purses/shoes, girls love to have piles of pillows. If I could have a bed made entirely of pillows I would. Although I guess that is what a bed is, right? One giant pillow for your body? Sure. So imagine if on top of the giant body pillow you then had a pile of all sorts of other pillows! Pillows of different sizes and shapes and maybe some of them are animals or your favorite characters from a cartoon show and maybe some are soft and some are textured and some of them have cases you can change but other ones are fish-shaped or bird-shaped or Ryan Gosling-shaped or something amazing like that and maybe you keep the cover on them all the time anyway because it’s a throw pillow that you don’t actually use so it’s not like it’s actually dirty! Yay throw pillows!

I can never have enough throw pillows. Throw pillows make my bed look extravagant and lovely and rich and like maybe my room is being used for a Pottery Barn catalog or like I’m the star of the movie which makes sense because if my life were a movie, I would be the star! Yes, that’s it right there – for some reason I couldn’t possibly begin to explain, throw pillows make me feel like a star.

Fond Regards,


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  • Ashley Lynn Cook

    I ADORE throw pillows! I have 9 for my living room that put a splash of teal in black and white….then I must have about 12 in my bohemian guest room all different rich colors of gold, burgundy, purple, orange, etc,…then 3 in the oriental master bedroom which are deep red….lol! my hubby thought throw pillows were ridiculous at first and made fun of me, but then when we put them all in their places he stepped back and said: “Ya know babe, they do add a little something, don’t they?” YEEEEEEEES! God bless throw pillows! 😀 Awesome article!

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