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An Open Letter to Thanksgiving

Dear Thanksgiving,

You are the best. It’s true. You’re that one holiday that everyone seems to cherish with unanimous love!  This is partially due to the fact that Thanksgiving has no religious connotation and therefore everyone can celebrate equally and just about everyone in America does, but let’s get real — Thanksgiving is the tops mostly because the food on Thanksgiving is the best holiday food. Ever.

Holy hotcakes let’s talk about Thanksgiving food! Like, I don’t even know where to start. Should we start with that delicious combination of turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce with a little gravy on top? Should we talk about putting together an expertly curated bite comprised of equal parts mashed potatoes and equal parts squash? Or should we talk about the fact that you can eat yams with marshmallows on top and be like, “what, it’s dinner? More marshmallow yams please.” And um, hello? Pumpkin Pie!

Also, how awesome is it to eat dinner at 3pm? I don’t know why we don’t eat one huge meal in the late afternoon everyday. I mean then you get to take a nap or watch TV or play board games or go to the movies or drink a bottle of wine or make turkey sandwiches two hours later. This is of course imagining we live in a world in which no one works in the afternoon, but that’s the dream, isn’t?  Thanksgiving everyday?

Okay, really, my favorite part about Thanksgiving is just being with people you love and reflecting on all that you are thankful for.  Growing up in my family we never knew who would end up at our Thanksgiving dinner. It was as though my Mom wandered around town looking for people without a place to go, and they all ended up at my house. That’s how I like to do it today – invite anyone and everyone to join for a delicious and fun Thanksgiving meal. The more the merrier when it comes to giving thanks!

And did I mention the marshmallows on the yams?

Thankful Regards,



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