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An Open Letter to Sticky Notes

Dear Sticky Notes,

This one time in eighth grade I had really bad allergies and I had forgotten my inhaler and my prescription pills and my nasal spray and my eye drops (I know what you’re thinking and yes I was super popular in middle school with all my cool medical afflictions and what not) and I was so over everyone being all, “Stamos why are you crying?” so I wrote “I’m not crying it’s just allergies!” on a sticky note and I stuck it on my forehead and that sure did show them. (It didn’t. Like, who does that?)!

Sticky Notes, you are my best friend if my best friend were a multi-colored neon paper product that is quite adhesive to many surfaces. I mean the whole neon thing is obviously the best part about you.  Why would I ever want to write anything on boring white paper when I can write things on neon paper? Tell me. No really – tell me. Why?

Just now from where I sit I can get a nice look at all my sticky notes and oh boy, do I have a lot of sticky notes. I have sticky notes in neon yellow, neon orange, neon green, neon blue and a combo neon-green/neon-pink/neon-blue pack. And some little itty bitty neon purple sticky notes that sometimes I will stick on my face for old time’s sake.  It is just as effective in telling people I’m a little weird these days as it was then!

Sometimes I dream about inventing something as great as sticky notes but know that could never happen so then I dream about marrying the dude who invented sticky notes but he’s probably super old and has like one to three families already.

Warm Regards,


Featured Image via my iPhone, thankyouverymuch

  • Lynsey Smith

    I like this. I also really like sticky notes. I want these: but $12 for sticky notes is pretty steep even for a devoted fan like myself. have you ever seen Romy & Michelle’s High School Reunion?

    • Samantha Ritchie

      ohman my friend gave me these as a gift! they are so cute i love them!

  • Tiffany Anderson

    cute post, but reading your little blurb, Stamos, I’ve seen astronaut ice cream at Old Navy. No lie.

  • Kristin Johnson

    This made me smile…very cute. :)

  • Maren Leatherby

    I had so many notebooks with neon colored pages in them as a kid! I loved it. I only buy the bright colored ones for work too. They’re all over my desk like constant, useful confetti!

  • Victoria Kathleen Berrios

    i <3 sticky notes so much that one year a boyfriend got me heart and star shaped ones for our anniversary. it was my favorite gift from him.. by far. i am actually kind of obsessed with all office supplies and a small part of me died when i realized i wouldn't be going "back to school" shopping for that stuff until i have my own kids.

  • Rebekka Cantrell Bess

    Fun fact — most of the world’s Post-It notes are manufactured in my town. 3M sponsors a Post-It note fashion show every year. :)

    Also, I used sticky notes for my students to write a daily journal entry during the first week of school. Then I switched to cut-up pieces of unused copies, because, well…who wants to give away ALL their sticky notes? I accidentally left a stack on my desk, and found that many of my students had grabbed those instead of the plain paper. I couldn’t blame them. :)

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