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An Open Letter to Steve Jobs

Dear Steve Jobs,

I learned how to type on the Apple IIe. I got a blueberry iBook on my 17th birthday. Now, my iPhone 4 serves as my computer on-the-go. But the computer I remember with love more than any other is the Apple Centris 650.

The Apple Centris 650 was fairly uncommon among my peer group. I don’t know that I had any other friends with an Apple computer, in fact. I thought my family was special — while everyone else plugged away on incomprehensible-looking PCs, I had a father who worked in advertising, and as I understood it then, people who worked in advertising were people who used Apple computers.  (It wasn’t like it is now, when everyone in every Starbucks is tip-tap-typing away on their sleek-looking MacBook Airs).  For me, all I knew was Apple. It was on my beloved Apple Centris 650 that I developed an intuitive understanding of computers. I grew to understand how they worked, how to use shortcuts for efficiency, how to think intuitively when problem-solving, how to animate drawings on Kid Pix and buy a new wagon wheel on Oregon Trail. I fought battles on Risk and watched my brother toil away at Prince of Persia while I waited to write stories and send friends instant messages on America Online. I learned what Lemmings were.

Do you remember the Apple Centris 650? It was big and clunky and when we finally got rid of it for the tangerine iMac my brother and I considered converting it into an aquarium. We never did. I don’t know, I guess that would have been sacrilege, in a way.

Last week, I bought a new MacBook Pro. It’s the first computer I have ever bought with my own money. It’s the computer I’m using to write this letter. It’s the computer I’m probably going to use for the next five years. I imagine I will cherish it as much as I cherished my Apple Centris 650, and every other Apple product I’ve had since then.

Thank you for inspiring me, for teaching me and for giving me the tools that helped to shape my childhood and drive me toward a better future. Thank you for giving this possibility to all of us.

Sincere Regards,


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