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An Open Letter to Soup


Dear Soup,

Oh Soup. Soup, soup, soup. Whatever would I do without you? I am so glad the internet was invented so that I tell you how I really feel (that is what the internet is for, after all. That, and cat videos) . You see, Soup, you have been an old friend to me and I firmly believe you are unjustly underrated as far as liquefied food items are concerned (along with applesauce, chocolate pudding, and drinkable yogurt).

When I was but a small child I didn’t like you. Certainly not when you were a consommé that tasted like an overcooked beef jerky had been tossed in a blender with chicken broth and a rabbit’s foot. I mean, sure, the occasional letter-shaped noodle was fun and I ate you when I was sick, but did I like you? No, no I did not.

But then I met Tomato Soup. Ah Tomato Soup!  What a delight YOU are! I only regret that I did not discover the joys of dipping a grilled cheese sandwich into a bowl of tomato soup at a younger age – because that, my friend, well that is certainly one of the primo joys of life, right up there with the smell of freshly-cut grass, mocking Katherine Heigl’s teeth and the satisfaction of meeting an ex who has gained lots of weight.

And then came Chicken Noodle and Minestrone (low sodium versions too!). Both of which were true to form and, as they say, “yummy in my tummy.” (They being me).

I’ll never forget the time I visited my Jewish cousins in New York City and supped upon my first taste of Matzo Ball Soup. Oh, Sweet Jesus (literally! He was Jewish, you know), this stuff is good. Matzo Ball Soup is the gateway soup to the world of exotic soups. Soups like Cheddar Broccoli and Carrot Ginger (yes, those qualify as exotic in that they are served quite regularly at the Whole Foods salad bar). Then there is my favorite soup, the Soup of Soups – yes, you know what I am talking about: Potato Leek. Potato Leek Soup is what I imagine it might be like if you turned mashed potatoes into a well-blended substance you could guzzle up like Gatorade. In other words: delicious.

And do not even get me started on Gazpacho. Holy hotcakes, that stuff is wild. Do. Not. Even.

Do. Not.

But I don’t love soup simply because it is tasty. Oh no, for the modern working gal on a budget (aka, me or Hilary Duff in A Cinderella Story) soup is the ideal food. It is easy to find, it has a long shelf-life, it is oftentimes portable, it is healthy (enough), it is filling, it can easily be used as a weapon when canned, and most importantly it is very inexpensive. That isn’t to say that the kings and queens and Ashton Kutcher’s step-children of the world should not be eating soup – in fact, some people suggest that to keep a slim figure, soup is the way to go! In this case, “some people” refers to the outdated Gourmet magazine I found in my doctor’s office last week. It was under a Reader’s Digest and on top of a Highlights. I know what you are thinking, and yes! My doctor’s office exists in 1992!

But I digress! The point is simple: Soup, you are great and that is that.


Warm Regards,


  • Maria Jose Rojas

    I have loved soup even when I was little,soup and salad (yeah,I was viewed as weird amongst my piers) so this open hearted letter is the parmiggian cheese to my onion soup! Thank you so much,I’m very glad to know another soup lover :)

  • Jenny Lonussen

    Tomato soup is my addiction.. If I had to choose one food to eat or the rest of my life, it would be tomato soup. I love it. I agree wholeheartedly with all you wrote. Except for the not liking soup part, I’ve been through that phase 😉

  • Tiffany Alexis Case

    Ha ha- I just love your writing! Makes me smile every time! And also… I know I’m not the only one out there that thinks like I do!

  • Laura Bryant Alexander

    As someone who has Campbell’s Tomato Soup-at-Hand for lunch just about every day, I appreciate this show of love for the soup. (this is not a sponsored comment :) )

  • Jennifer Stacey

    I’ve recently fallen in love… thanks to the cafeteria at my office! Every once and a while there’s a wicked Spicy Thai chicken soup and a coconut Thai one as well. They’re seriously the most delicious soups I’ve ever tasted… love love LOVE your article!

  • Diana Zapata

    Dude. Dude. You should try looking for a place that sells Colombian Ajiaco. It’s a potato-based soup, chock full of even more potato chunks, and it also comes with pulled chicken and sour cream. You can also add something called “alcaparras” to the mix. I didn’t like alcaparras when I was little because I thought they were yucky, but now I like munching on the odd one when I’m enjoying my soup.

  • Kaitlyn Shore

    There is truly nothing better than some cheddar and broccoli soup. Holy moly.

  • Charles Reagan

    Soup is the gateway drug of the food world. I recently had Dill Pickle Soup at a local place and thought I would cream in my jeans.

  • Nathan Schauer

    Noodles from canned soup were discovered next to fossilized remains of Lucy.

  • Sarah H

    Soup is great! I regularly take it to work to have for lunch. It’s quick and easy (although not all that cheap here).

  • Samantha LaRue Balash

    CARROT SOUP! I LOVE! When I was in Belize they had the best carrot soup (The Jungle Lodge, go there!) With a few…. or several dashes of Marie Sharps sweet pepper sauce… to die for, literally. It made all those hours of digging in the pouring rain worth it. (Alright I enjoyed that part too) :)

  • Manilette Felix Uy

    It’s summer and all I’ve been eating is soup!

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