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Hey, Romantic Comedy Nation, Listen Up!

First things first. I like an escapist rom-coms as much as the next gal, and sometimes it’s the absolute best to put in some quality couch time and know it’s all going to end with a kiss and a pop song. BUT I also appreciate a little dose of realism with my romance. I just saw two strangers get their iPod headphones tangled on the way off the subway. Simple and adorable misunderstanding, right? Our collective Romantic Comedy Brain immediately says that these two will be married within the year, according to chapter 3 in the handbook that I just made up. And every movie ever. But instead I thought to myself, “Yipes, hope he still makes his transfer.” It’s with that mindset that I am so very psyched to see the recent outpouring of delightful yet deliciously plausible fare like Celeste and Jesse Forever (in theaters now!) and The Mindy Project (premiering September 25 on Fox!). If you haven’t already, I’d like to sweetly implore you to get on board so that we get more of this brand of awesomeness.

And really, can you blame me for wanting to bring it all down to Earth a little? Things look pretty bleak for predictability when Pretty Woman is Eat Pray Love-ing her way across two continents. She was our patron saint, you guys! Who, of late, we’ve swapped out for a disenchanted bridesmaid who cocks her head at the whole fantasy scenario and moans: “Are you f**king kidding me?” But the glorious thing is that she also gets the guy AND probably keeps him after the credits roll. You don’t even have to add the qualifier “with a heart of gold” after her profession!

If given the option, I’ll go the Bridesmaids route every time. Not just because Chris O’Dowd is indisputably adorable (although he is) or because I prefer poop jokes to shenanigans involving Richard Gere and jewelry boxes (although I do – say what you will), but because it feels more genuine.

Because at the end of the day, love is definitely not never having to say you’re sorry, but rather is admitting to yourself that THE ONE is not and never will be floating Peter Gabriel songs through your window from your front lawn. On purpose, anyway. He may, however, un-ironically love watching that movie with you while also being able to assemble the most perplexing of Ikea furniture. Or maybe he makes a killer frittata and is super nice to your mom. I’m just saying, greatness like that shouldn’t be dismissed.

So here’s to real on-screen love. The kind that doesn’t hinge on him making a list of the adorably idiosyncratic ways that you’re the only one for him, like ERMAHGERD you wear toe socks in June. Although, if he does decide to do that, major bonus points.

C’mon, peoplefolk. Watch good things. Please and thanks.


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