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An Open Letter to Nail Art

Dear Nail Art,

It was a typical dark (bright) and dreary (beautiful) Los Angeles morning when I first learned about you, maybe a year or so ago. My friend Hilarie had convinced me to drive all the way from the comfort of the beachside community where I live to the depths of downtown LA, to a mysterious place called “Nails Garden” in Koreatown.  I didn’t know what to expect. A garden? A garden where they grow nails? I sure hoped not! Hilarie had emailed me a few pictures of this magical Nail Art prior to our manicure date, but I was dubious, at best, and I certainly was unprepared for what was in store.

Nail Art, did you know you are CRAZY? I mean, part of this is probably my fault because the nice little manicurist lady was all “what do you want” and I was all “I have no idea what’s going on, let’s just do something with these colors and you can go to town!” And to town she went! CRAZY TOWN! And if you’re wondering if I loved Crazy Town, Nail Art, then yes, yes I did.  Crazy Town looked like neon pink and rhinestones and polka dots and bows and silver glitter. Not one of my nails looked like any other nail, much less a nail! Each of them had an intricate and extravagant design all of which successfully conveyed that Nail Art, when done properly (and we aren’t talking about airbrushing here, folks, I am talking about hand-painted Nail Art in a hole-in-the-wall spot in Koreatown, okay?) is probably the best thing since sliced bread! And sliced bread is pretty great!

Look, I’m just really glad I discovered you, Nail Art, especially now when you are so hot and on top of the world and all in demand at the fashion shows and on the tween TV series and here on HelloGiggles and in my mind.  Why shouldn’t we use our nails as another place for self-expression? And if that means my co-workers are going to give me strange looks and random check-out cashiers ask me uncomfortable questions, so be it!

Fond Regards,


Featured Image via my iPhone – those are my Crazy Town nails!

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