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An Open Letter to Modern Warfare 3

Dear Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3,

While I realize that 6.5 million copies of you were sold the first day you came out and made $400 million dollars in 24 hours… we need to talk.

I’ve dealt with your type before. The first-person shooter, multiplayer game that takes you through missions that you can co-op or go against your buddies. Listen, I would like to have my Husband back. I’m not saying you two can’t hang out, I think it’s fine to occasionally drop an air strike and rack up your killstreak on your friends. Can we maybe just spread the 5 hours you two spend together in one evening out to other evenings and days? Or maybe instead of taking up all the bandwidth, you can be a productive or educational game?

It’s a sad state of affairs when I can tell by the tone in the Hubb’s voice when you two are together. I sigh and tell him to call me back later or I’ll see him when he pretends to have logged off before I pull into the driveway when I get home.

Our dog has finally gotten used to the machine gun sounds that you make, so he just sits at his feet, waiting for the war to be won.

I completely understand that the “Your Mom” “That’s What She Said” and other jokes are hilarious. I do them all the time (Yup… That’s What I Said.). However, hearing the echoes of a grown man giggling maniacally like a 14-year-old kid while screaming “Yeah, you’ll take it and you’ll like it” while attempting to make dinner are not necessarily the most ‘homey’ things to hear.

I want him back.



*NOTE: this post is all in jest. I adore my husband and find it hilarious that he gets into these kinds of games with his friends. Their wives will attest that it’s been an interesting few days since the game came out on November 8th. Who on Earth am I to actually judge what he finds entertaining? I watch The Real Housewives of New Jersey like it’s my second job.

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  • Kate Dickenson

    i completely agree – this post is hilarious!

  • Penelope Dawn

    Real Housewives! Holla back.

    My husband hasn’t gotten this. Thank god.

  • Haintso Rakouth

    I love it!!!! I’ve been waiting for a post like this. I think after watching my boyfriend play call of duty i think now ive become a cheerleader on the side and maybe now a potential gamer lol.

  • Erin Kowalsky

    Funny, my bf just sent me this article and it you just described our life together! Just a few minutes earlier, before I read this, I just yelled to him that it sounded like a war zone in the living room! Hahaha… But in all fairness, I make him watch ALL of the Housewives and WWHL with me.. He loves Andy now! I even made him take me to Villa Blanca (Lisa’s restuarant on Bev Hills) for our anniversary! So we are even! :)

  • Jessica Marie Carruba

    That’s great! I love it. And am also a big fan of the game, so this was really funny to read, thanks :)

  • Ashley Lynn Cook

    I read this to my hubby and he almost fell on the floor laughing in hysterics! He’s been steadily playing Battlefield 3 since it came out, along with his work buddies. I work late most evenings and I call to let him know I’m on my way home and sure enough, I hear the guns bursting in the background and realize it’s absolutely pointless to even mention that a giant diamond-crusted squid flew down from the sky and ate up my car so I’m coming home on a unicycle….cause the reply I shall receive will be: “Mk babe, see-you-when-you-get-home-love-you-bye!” LOL! Gotta love the men and their video games. Great article, thanks! 😀

  • Aline Firmino Brito

    Laughing a lot!!! But what I can say, I`m a gamer too!!!! I watch Bones, New Girl, 2BrokeGirls and all kind of girly tv shows, addicted to cartoons, e love shoot into some aliens and insurgent armys!
    I bought a new console as my Christmas gift, and I`m completely proud to be a girl, geek and gamer.

    I totally understand you and your husband!

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