An Open Letter to Los Angeles Times writer Patt MorrissonZooey Deschanel

This is an open letter in response to a piece entitled Downtown LA: Good enough for the royals, but not for Zooey Deschanel?, written by columnist Patt Morrison, which appeared in the publication on July 10, 2011.

Dear Ms. Morrison,
I feel compelled to respond to your recent blog post regarding comments I “allegedly” made outside the BAFTA dinner on Saturday night. I never spoke to you at this event; in fact, you weren’t even there. I am completely and utterly shocked that a professional journalist, whom I have never met, would take a partial quote out of context and use it as the basis for a misguided personal attack. Further, I find it appalling that you would resort to name-calling to get your point across. In a court of law this would be called hearsay, and in journalism, I believe this should be the beginning of an investigation, not the end of one.
Let me be clear: the quote from USA TODAY that you used as the foundation of your piece was taken completely out of context. I NEVER said that Downtown LA was “the worst of LA”. I did make a reference to a parking lot adjacent to the theater that had a lot of trash in it in an attempt to be humorous. I simply said, “It’s funny they brought royalty here, there is a parking lot with trash around the corner.” It wasn’t an opinion. It was true. There was indeed a parking lot with trash around the corner. I thought that the juxtaposition of British Royalty and trash was amusing in a high-brow + low brow sort of way, but I never said that I, personally, didn’t like downtown, the Royals, or even trash.
I LOVE DOWNTOWN LA and I relish any opportunity to spend time there. I have pride in my city, that’s the reason why I thought it was kind of funnythat they didn’t clean up the immediate surroundings before the Royals came through. In the end, of course, it didn’t actually matter since those two crazy kids were flown in by helicopter anyway. Silly me. Regardless, I don’t even think I need to defend my love of Los Angeles.  I am a native Angelino, and had you done any research at all, you would have found that I have been quoted in the press on numerous occasions talking about how much I love Downtown.
In your piece, the character you’ve created of “me” is actually pretty funny. I don’t know who this person is, but it seems as if you’ve borrowed her from the Susan Lucci repertoire. You make so many far-fetched conclusions; for one thing, you state, “go back to your house on the Westside.” Well, I can’t do that because I do not live on the Westside. You also open your piece by calling me a “cow”, which might be your opinion, but I wish a journalist for the Los Angeles Times and KPCC had found a more sophisticated way of sharing a difference in perceived opinion.
It’s hard for me to comprehend why you launched such a vile and toxic blow in my direction over a sentence fragment that you did not even hear for yourself. I do hope that in the future when writing about something, especially a human being, you will consider both the facts and context before publishing your opinion.
Zooey Deschanel

  • Roland Zwikker

    Oh dear, lazy journalism…it’s going to be the death of newspapers. Living in the UK it is currently hard to be shocked by this kind of thing…journalism used to be a proud craft & journalists were respected professionals…no longer…good on you for standing up for yourself! Don’t let the bastards grind you down!

  • Anna Schatte

    It is nice that you have this forum to respond to such defaming and negative journalism. It is one thing to dissect something one has said, but it is obvious this journalist was attacking your character, and it really just made her look rude and judgmental. If only ALL sites were as supportive and positive as Hello Giggles. Come on women, let’s stop with the crap and support each other!

  • Holly Bedford

    Brilliant…that is all.

  • Lu Cores

    And you have all the right in the world to be angry and take revenge, but you answer like a real lady, calm and with respect. Well done, girl! :)

  • Linn Dyakov

    Lol, that is ridicule. She’s an amateur.
    It’s funny how your article completely outshines hers despite the fact that she’s the one educated in journalism.

  • Lu Cores

    Are there really people who read trash like that? Journalism has gotten so bad this last years that anyone can use the title and receive a salary for it, what a shame….

  • Sonia Oh

    Love the response — articulate, mature, and elegant. I knew there was a reason I liked you (minus the fact that I love your movies, haha). You’re awesome! :)

  • Megan McDaniel

    LOVE. This is just as classy as I would expect from you Zooey :)

  • Alyse Frances Czack

    I’m so glad you responded to this “Patt”(don’t forget the two t’s) article in general, let alone posted this on HelloGiggles, a female friendly site. It’s not fair the way bullying happens, especially by these females who take statements, and make catty remarks out of harmless words. Whether it be the internet, a newspaper, text message, etc., it’s not okay to do! Us girls are much more classy then that!

  • Matthew Murphy

    This is the most civil, appropriate I’ve ever read to a person who has essentially gone out of their way to slander and innocent person. Zooey wasn’t the only person to make a comment like that! I heard like three other people say the same thing on the news about the event!

  • Jenny Lonussen

    If anyone wants to question your love of LA they should watch the following videos! Where you state that you love ALL of LA..
    Anyhow that’s poor journalism at the very least and completely vile and uncalled for. Sorry you have to put up with these things. I don’t think people realize that celebrities are people with feelings as well and saying that bad-press, paparazzi is something that comes with the profession is BS and an excuse for people to threat others badly. I think you handled this very well and classy. <3

    • Jenny Lonussen


  • Jeff Eyamie

    Don’t let this put a damper on your Summah!

    • Erika Turner

      lol, funny or die? That was a hilarious little video.

  • Jamie Kluesner

    go get um Zooey!

  • Allison Andresini

    This is just another example of a journalist using celebrity mis-quotes to drum up controversy. How dare you call yourself a journalist if your story isn’t even based in facts that can be properly sourced? It’s embarrassing.

  • Jacki Clayton

    What a lovely, eloquent, and KIND way to rebut that attack on your honor. You are a true roll model. I am, once again, in awe of your talent.

  • Erika Turner

    That is just bad journalism! It sounds more of like a personal attack on you than on anything that you may or may not have said. People love to take someone down a notch no matter what, so way to take the high road. BTW -Thanks for this site which just goes to show your character (as well as molly/sophia) and what you really believe in.

  • Kate Woronischtsche

    great job zooey! very very well put.

  • Mike Vivian

    Spot on Miss. Deschanel! Glad you took the high road on this topic unlike other people who refer to libel and first-grade name calling to attempt to get their point across.

  • Ulf Skei

    I feel sad on your behalf. It is indeed remarkable how little amount of human decency some people display. Because a person is a ‘celebrity’ I imagine they think they can write anything about them…
    Sad to hear…

  • Nicola Haines

    YOU GO GIRL! snap snap snap!

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