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An Open Letter to Holiday Break

Dear Holiday Break,

There are some really lovely “breaks” we get in life – Summer Break, a Kit Kat break, Spring Break, that break before the movie starts so you can go pee – and while these are all lovely breaks, the Holiday Break is uniquely special.

Holiday Break, I like you a lot. It’s winter during your break, so that means I have a lot more excuses to stay inside and in my bed and marathon TV shows and read all those books I’ve been meaning to read and never leave the house ever and maybe forget to shower after like three days and also what day is it?

Holiday Break, is, in some ways, the most needed break. I know this because the entire month leading up to Holiday Break is filled with holiday parties and holiday shopping and this thing called “Senioritis” which is like in high school when you were almost done with school and had very little left to do that you actually could really focus on but you still had to go to school and all you could think was “give me a break now, please!

Holiday Break is the Goldilocks of breaks – it’s often longer than say, a Spring Break, but definitely not quite as lengthy as the average Summer Break. Which means Holiday Break is just the right length of time to really enjoy being with your family and just when you might start having homicidal thoughts of that same family it’s back to school or work or wherever you live now and everyone is still alive and well-rested and only slightly annoyed with each other.

The best part about Holiday Break is that before you take one you can say to everyone you won’t see until January, “See you Next Year!” which is bad joke but makes some people chuckle nonetheless.

Enjoy your holiday break and seriously, what day is it?

Holiday Regards,


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