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An Open Letter to Hello Kitty

Dear Hello Kitty,

You are beautiful and cute and magical and adorable and you always have the most very perfect bow tucked by your ear and sometimes I wonder what you might sound like if you could talk so I imagine it might sound like a magical fairy or whoever voiced Nala in The Lion King or maybe even Reese Witherspoon!

When I was younger than I am now I had this miniature Hello Kitty gumball machine that came with custom Hello Kitty gum that was candy coated and rainbow colored and tasted almost like a strawberry vanilla coconut daydream Bonne Belle lip gloss and I would give anything, almost anything, if I could have some of that gum again.

You are everywhere and whenever I think I might want something to do with Hello Kitty, then there you are! In airport gift shops, in malls, at drugstores, at nearly any conventional and convenient location, you too reside. Your overwhelming availability to be enjoyed and appreciated by the adoring Hello Kitty fans worldwide is further proof of my favorite thing about you, Hello Kitty, that thing being the way you give comfort and the way you are a constant and universal mark of something precious and whimsical and delightful and sweet. You are something loved by very small baby girls and very mature working women and everything in between and thereafter.

Right now I’m looking at a Hello Kitty air freshener perched on my windowsill and the squishy little Hello Kitty figurines that I’ve carefully arranged in a corner of my desk. This doesn’t include the pack of Hello Kitty erasers in the top drawer or any of the many other Hello Kitty items at home and in my closet and on my clothes and forever in my heart.

Fond Regards,


P.S. Whatever happened to Musti?

Featured Image via Hello Kitty Palace

  • Laurie Zerumsky

    HK is my life. Love that cutie pie!

  • Monique Levy

    Loved the post!

  • Nina B. Chasnoff

    I had that gumball machine!!

  • Rachelle Gibson

    i loved keroppi!

  • Angel Fernandez

    I loved Kiki and Lala(Little Twin Stars).

  • Rebecca Maxwell

    They usually sell that gum at the Sanrio store (I’ve seen it in recent years).

  • Madison Ostermeier

    FYI, Hello Kitty can talk. She used to in old shows.

  • Ashley-Jayne Osborn

    When I was a kid, I would rent the same Hello Kitty videos from the video store. You should see if you can find some to watch!

  • Beth Curry

    I wish I could be BFFs with Hello Kitty.

  • Laura Mendez

    i had a satchel, stationary, pencil thingies, a walled, and a gumball… and a little cheerleader HK… :)

  • Abby Lindsey

    I have been a Hello Kitty fan since age 3! Great letter. What DID happen to Musti?

  • Sarah Heyward

    you (and hello kitty) are my hero(es)

  • Nata Rubiano

    I saw a hello kitty shaped vibrator in Amsterdam once. My vision about Hello Kitty changed forever…

  • Samantha Alanna Wittwer

    In highschool one of my friends pointed out hat Hello Kitty doesn’t have a mouth because the perfect asian woman is portrayed as a silent one, and I’ve never looked at the character the same way again. I still find HelloKitty items to be super cute, but I can’t help notice that one little detail and the weight of the meaning behind it.

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