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An Open Letter to Girlfriends Who Are Like Sisters

Dear Girlfriends Who Are Like Sisters,

I love my older brother. I really, really do. He is, quite simply, the greatest. While having an older brother is totally awesome and the coolest (and warrants a completely separate Open Letter) I will concede that at times I may experience pangs of jealousy at witnessing the special bond shared between two sisters.

Which is where YOU come in. Yes, I’m talking to all the girls out there who have that friend, that certain BFF, who is so close and so much like a part of your family (and you of hers) that she is, for lack of shared DNA, your sister. I have a handful of girlfriends I would say I’ve got Sister Status with. One of them I even call “Sister.” Her name is Katherine and I met her on the playground when we were five and we were both really bored of watching our older brothers’ Little League games and she knew all the lyrics to all the Tupac songs (I didn’t even know who Tupac was, you guys) and had the longest hair that I thought was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen, so much so that I wanted in that instant to learn how to French-braid so that I could spend every day thereafter French-braiding her hair. Naturally we were instant BFFs and have remained so forever after and just over a week ago she got engaged to this totally great guy and I had this moment to myself when I was excitedly scanning pages in the J. Crew catalog’s wedding section when I paused and thought “WOAH! (Joey Lawrence style – that’s why it’s in all-caps, duh) My sister is getting married! MY SISTER!

Another of my girlfriends who is like a sister got married this summer and I cried throughout the entire ceremony and most of the three days leading up to the wedding. But they were happy tears — having girlfriends you love as much as you would love someone who does share your DNA is pretty awesome and sometimes the best thing ever, even better than having an older brother or a real sister because there’s something so special and unique about those girlfriends who are like sisters but are not sisters. You know?

Loving Regards,


Featured Image of Katherine and I (circa the early-90s judging by the wash of those jeans)