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Dear Fall TV,

I want to make you a color-coded Excel spreadsheet, DVR you on four different televisions and then make sweet, sweet love.

I love this time of year, it’s the best time of the year in the world because it is that time when summer is over and we know this not from the changing colors of leaves or the distinct odor of autumnal breezes but because every night from 8pm until 11pm there are three hours of television programming to be consumed on four or more different television networks. I am so overwhelmed and excited and we’re only, like, two days into Fall TV and I’ve already watched the pilot for Ringer three times (OMG, SMG, OMG) and I’ve already printed out and distributed multiple copies of my color-coded Excel spreadsheet to my roommates and friends and co-workers and anyone who has my email address and wants a copy of it just email me and I will email it back to you because it is the best color-coded Fall TV spreadsheet there is (yes I am watching NCIS, no I am not watching NCIS: Los Angeles).

I want to read your annual Entertainment Weekly cover while I watch all your pilots and premieres until it’s midnight and then I wanna get in my bed and put on the sleep timer and watch them again.

I love all the new shows and some of them I maybe don’t like but I won’t make any severe judgements until the third episode of any new show at which point I’ll know the ones I no longer care about based on the number of episodes behind I am so then I’ll delete that show (likely candidate — The Playboy Club. Pan Am, I think we’re gonna go steady!) and breathe a sigh of relief because watching so much TV is stressful sometimes okay? And then there’s the huge gaping hole in my heart that’s left behind by Friday Night Lights, although Parenthood is a near-perfect replacement except not completely (and certainly not with those new haircuts, I mean WHOA) and then when Bones comes back in November (oh my God, we have to wait until November?) and Brennan and Booth are having a baby and oh my god what is going to happen on Fringe? AND OH MY GOD PARKS AND RECREATION IS THE BEST SHOW EVER! No. It’s HAPPY ENDINGS! No. The best show ever is I DON’T KNOW! DON’T MAKE ME DECIDE!  I LOVE THEM ALL, I LOVE ALL THE SHOWS SO MUCH!

I want to watch six different football games on six different TV sets in the same room at the same time.

What would we have done if football hadn’t come back this fall? I don’t know and I am scared to think about it, except I guess maybe I would have watched episodes of 2 Broke Girls or Castle or 30 Rock or Revenge or The Big Bang Theory or New Girl over and over again and speaking of, have you guys watched New Girl yet (and if not you can do so on this very site right here. Do it now! No, now. Now.) because I feel like maybe the writers have been spying on me because I swear it could be my life you guys, it could! And not just New Girl, I mean, there are so many new girls on TV in general because TV is having a major GIRL POWER moment and if there is anything that makes my heart burst even more when it comes to Fall TV it’s when all these talented and smart and fun and funny girls are making these shows that I love so much. I want to be like them and work with them and just make TV and then watch TV and also there is going to be a television show about dinosaurs you guys, DINOSAURS!

I want to invent some sort of machine that lets me be in eight different places at once so I can watch all the shows on all the networks all at once and still get a good night’s sleep.

I’m so excited I think I might throw up.

Warm Regards,


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  • Gabriela Varela

    aahhhh!! this is when living in australia is not so great, i wanna watch all these shows so much but they’re not on :(

  • Bobi Dollaz

    Is the spreadsheet for real?? I want a copy.

  • Lexie Leonard

    Words cannot express how much this post makes me smile. I get so much crap for being a fall TV/new show junky.

  • Kaitlyn Shore

    SO EXCITED FOR… *ahem* New Girl and Two Broke Girls (obvs), How I Met your mother, Parks and Rec, Big Bang Theory, 30 rock, and ONCE UPON A TIME!

  • Iris Casarez

    what i cant wait for is the new girl, (ofcourse), modern family, raising hope, parks and recreation, and the office…my hubby and i have this ritual for the past 5 yrs, hell get home righte before it begins with some boneless hot wings and potatoe wedges… :) cant wait for all these awesome shows to restart again.;..

  • Elspeth Anderson

    I can’t even tell you how much this article is my life. I feel so stressed about this TV season! There are so many shows coming out that look amazing! I had to go through and write them all down (love your spreadsheet idea, I need it in my life). I feel like you left out the fantasy ones though, cause can we just admit that Once Upon a Time and Grimm look incredible?

  • Claudia Bax

    I wanna squeal along with you. Really, it feels this Fall, TV is CRAZY! New Girl, Bones (srsly srsly srsly… OMG WHERE IS NOVEMBER??? BOOTH AND BRENNAN, AND A BABY!), Castle, Fringe (what happened to Peter? Where is he?!), Chuck (Aww, last season, really?). The new shows. Except New Girl, I am still thrown about them. Non of them really pull me in yet so I’ll wait till they are a few eps in to hear the overal reaction and then catch up real quick. But boy, busy season for sure! Bring it! *goes to search Annie’s spreadsheet*

  • Stephanie Sigafoos

    Watching … what am I watching? Two Broke Girls … Hawaii Five-0 …Up All Night … Person of Interest …. Unforgettable … Prime Suspect … A Gifted Man. and lemme tell you, the pilot of Homeland on Showtime is friggin phenomenal. Claire Danes and Damian Lewis are probably never likely to have a baby together, but I’m pretty sure if they did her name would be Emmy.

  • Sara Hudson

    yes. all of this! i always felt like i was the only one of my friends who watched enough tv that she could be a tv blogger. thanks for making me feel like i am not alone! ;)

  • Elisa McCauley

    Best post ever!

  • Melissa Martin

    YES!! thanks you.are.awesome!

  • Annie Stamell

    Okay guys – I have shared my spreadsheet! You can check it out on my blog here:

  • Jennifer Elston
    • Jennifer Elston

      Whoops posted too soon – but YAY! So excited for Fall TV! :)

  • Annie Stamell

    Also – no need to post your email address in the comments (keep you email addresses SAFE you guys!) I’m going to figure this out…

  • Annie Stamell

    Hey guys! I’d love to share my Fall TV spreadsheet with you all – I’m going to figure out a way to do that. Google Docs? Let me know if you have any tips!

  • Richard Laurie

    Seeing 3 of my favorite actresses on TV this fall has me really excited about watching TV again. I can’t wait!

  • Anne Cuddy

    Where is Two Broke Girls in all of this?

    • Annie Stamell

      Oh don’t you worry – there’s a 2 Broke Girls mention in third paragraph! It’s on my list!

  • Annie Lambert

    In college, my best friend and I would spend HOURS poring over the new fall TV lineups and making color-coded spreadsheets. I’m so happy to see we aren’t the only ones!

  • Kate Hastings

    Oo can I get a copy??? … please and thanks. =)

  • Susan Kent

    i think you should just post your spreadsheet to share with all of us!!!

    • Annie Stamell

      Great idea and that’s my plan! But how?

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