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An Open Letter to Emojis

Dear Emojis,

I love you. If I were going to write you this letter in Emoji, then I would use the following images to express my love: the girl in the pink shirt with her hands over her head, the pink heart with the blue arrow going through it and the simple smiley face. And I mean, how much more fun would it be if this letter was in Emoji!?! Then you could just stare at the beautiful images in a confusing sequential order and try to understand what on Earth I am trying to communicate by using a picture of a wave, music notes, a DVD player, a snake and a pair of skis.

I feel sad for people who don’t use Emojis. If I had to guess, those people would be non-iPhone owners, robots, the characters on that television program Mad Men and people who hate adorable tiny little animated puppies and kittens.

Like almost all things that are cool and make me want to sit in a room with fingerpaints to explore the inner recesses of my creative mind, Emojis started in Japan. I’m somewhat convinced that Hello Kitty herself created Emojis. One day Hello Kitty wanted to tell her BFF Joey the Mouse that she stumbled into a field of beautiful flowers and knew that her words just wouldn’t be enough to convey this beauty via text message, so she invented Emojis, and instead of writing about some dope-ass daisies in a meadow, Hello Kitty just tapped the picture of the pink daisy Emoji and sent that to Joey the Mouse like fifteen times.

I don’t know maybe it didn’t go down that way but I think that sounds accurate.

Emojis are like stickers for your text messages and emails except when you are sending them to someone who doesn’t have Emojis in which case they don’t see pictures, they just see lots of squares. A world without Emojis is a very square one, and yes, that is a metaphor.

I wonder if some day we’ll live in a world where the only language we speak is the universal language of Emoji. I can’t decide if I like this inevitable future, or not — but I don’t think I’ll have to make up my mind because an asteroid is probably going to hit the Earth and kill everyone before I have to worry about it.

Kind Regards,


screenshot of Emojis in use via Annie Stamell

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