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An Ode to the Bachelorette

Bachelorette Tiara

The BFF love-fest: a time to cry and gush in ways you never do but damn well should. I myself love it. And oh, how it’s changed. Every bachelorette I’ve been to has been just a concentrated weekend of fun and awesomeness – no male strippers or dildos, just love, delicious things, a cool creative activity and lots of silliness.

I am throwing my BFF’s bach this weekend and it has brought up what I often fail to remember: time is precious and it’s flying by you all the time. A bach is a milestone that allows you to shower someone with love and gifts but also pause to say “We are here now, and your life is about to change forever.” It’s beautiful and happy and also sad. There are so many times I’ve wished I could pause and please stay for a little bit longer. What I have learned is that is in opposition to the essence of what you love in your life: the moment. If we were to stagnate and magically hit pause, it would remove the real meaning. The meaning is relevant only in its place in time, as a part of our course. It’s like we’re little stars shooting around an infinite space, ricocheting off of things that change us forever.

A great friend that you can keep forever is one in a million and should never be taken for granted. We all know this but it’s only in contrast are we able to remember it and feel it completely. In many ways a best friend is closer and more intimate than a husband or wife. It’s a gift of time, and of experience.

Today I welcome the pause, I am grateful to slow down time to savor my friend. I hope to leave her with the large imprint of a hug around her that will never fade away as this moment passes, and we grow past this time in our lives forever.

Here’s to the bachelorette. To telling your friends you love them, and why, and how much.

Congratulations Xanthe!!!!!!!! I love you!!!

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