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An Ode to Lost Earrings

There once were two of you, now there is one…lying unloved, no outlet for fun.

Why did you leave me gold glittery hoop? You were my favorite, you were my roots. Was it because I danced, sweaty and fly? If you don’t like my moves then at least say goodbye.

And dangly southwestern, whose beads formed a cactus that jumped out my pocket like pole vault practice. When I arrived to the museum and you were no were to be found, I cried on the inside and I cried out loud.

My mom always told me to get a back stopper, but I lacked hubris and couldn’t be bothered. And when I stumbled home and started to undress, my terry cloth romper pulled off all the rest. Grabbing my earring like a kidnapped kiddie, the next morning I woke up and found one ear empty.

I looked at the earring that stayed in my lobe and tossed it sadly to its new abode. A wasteland of earrings that lost their other half. A wasteland of earrings I couldn’t bear put in the trash.

I write this ode to apologize for my ways.

I promise to be better, to be better every day.

Earrings come back and I’ll make you proud,

Earrings come back and I’ll turn this around.

I miss you.

photo via 1comewhatmay

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