An Ode to Ke$ha: Queen of Guilty Pleasures

Ke$ha, you are my guiltiest of guilty pleasures. I don’t care what Max Black says, I’m not ‘Ke$hamed’ (thank you, 2 Broke Girls for that awesome reference).  Ever since you bounded onto the music scene with your catchy ‘Tik-Tok’, I haven’t been able to quit you. And that’s okay. Because your music entrances me like no other, motivates me to move my body, and hooks me in ways no other ear worms have been able to. Your newest single, ‘Die Young’, co-written by one of my favorite front men: Nate Ruess of fun. (and formerly The Format; for real, if you’ve never heard of them and you love fun., check them out…) is just the latest in awesome songs that immediately get put on my iPod and played daily.

You’re not the best singer, but at this point, I don’t even care because you seem to know the music industry better than most. Songwriting is your strong suit, and damn is it stronger than ever. That song you wrote and gave to Britney Spears last year, ‘’Til the World Ends’, was so good that I’m still listening to it regularly. Although at first, I didn’t know you had written it and was super excited that BritBrit had another solid radio hit. The fact that you wrote it and gave it to her makes it so much better. You also know how to be provocative to gain enough attention that people are listening to your music and talking about you in their lives. Most of it is probably about how you like to party hard and have sex with ghosts, but come on, is all that really true? I think you like to stir the pot so that we think about all that weird stuff you say even when we aren’t singing your lyrics in our heads.

Seriously, you were even important enough to be covered on Glee. Twice. That is saying a lot. And, you got to be covered by the bomb-tastic dancer, Heather Morris, who seemed to have more fun than you if that’s possible. Girl can dance circles around anybody, I don’t care what you say. I’d watch a show of HeMo dancing to Ke$ha songs, or really pretty much anything, all day long. Every day. Forever.

Resident artist and creator of HG’s Illustrated Tweet of the Day also agrees – @PolaRoid_Rage and I had quite a twitter discussion about how much we can’t get enough of you, Ke$ha. It’s like your music is our drug. See what I did there? Yeah, that’s how cheesy I can be. But ‘Your Love is My Drug’ is just so good. Your music is like voodoo. Ke$ha; I think you’re a genius. I think you’re smarter than smart and fooled us all into thinking you’d be a ditsy one-hit wonder. Little did we know the brilliance that awaited us with each new single you’ve put out. Just maybe don’t go back on SNL, at least not until you can sing live a little bit better. I’m not judging you, though – songwriting and radio play are okay in my book, in your case.

I like a lot of music, a nice well-rounded array of alternative, folk, pop, some country, Broadway, classic rock, dance/house, pretty much everything. And I have friends who are pretty picky about music and don’t listen to much Top 40, but I have never once regretted putting one of your songs on a playlist. Or turning up ‘Blow’ while driving in my car to sing at the top of my lungs. And you know what, my friends have never once rolled their eyes. Which means that you, Ke$ha, can cross boundaries and leap into the hearts of even the most particular and cynical of music lovers. How many artists can say that?

I don’t know how you’re able to mix the right amount of awesome beats, techno flourishes, fun little asides and, of course, hooks to end all hooks. But please never stop doing it. At least not for a long, long time.

Oh, and for anyone who doubted your musical talents, and just thought you liked to mix in hot beats to cover up your vocals, you went and released this awesome deconstructed version of Die Young. Seriously, you’re amazing.

Featured image via RCA Records