An Ode to Kate Middleton’s Sense of Style

Recently, the Style section of Time reported that in the battle of Kate Middleton versus Kim Kardashian, in who wields the most fashion influence, the duchess of Cambridge’s style is apparently referred to as being “overrated” compared to Kim K. This statement comes courtesy of French designer Roland Mouret who has dressed both Kate and Kim, and told British Vogue that of the two, Kim’s the more likely to sell more dresses. “You don’t see hundreds of women running around looking like her. [Kate]” he explains.

I love Kate Middleton’s sense of style and have been following her for some time now. Along with my 4+ bottles of Starbucks Frappucinos, I watched and rewatched the royal wedding and subsequent follow-up coverage more than any one human being probably should. (She did, after all, bring sleeves back to the wedding ceremony scene.) When I found out the Duchess was pregnant, I immediately took to Facebook musing aloud on what her maternity clothes would look like. I even watched that Lifetime movie “William & Kate” to see if the TV version of Kate would look just as put together as the real life one. Not bad. A little bit on the Charlotte Russe-y side, but not bad.

The thing about Kate Middleton, is that she’s pretty and polished at all times with nary a hair out of place. It is a sense of style so completely down to a science that there is even a name for it coined by British Vogue – “Katepedia: A Study in Royal Style.” Clothes in her favorite color blue, boatnecks, clutch handbags, and approximately 8.6 teeth appearing on average when she smiles are all a part of the recipe on how to dress and look like Kate.

Understandably, this can be a difficult image to live up to on a daily basis, especially if you wake up late for work one morning and do not have the time to be fiddling with 20+ bobby pins in your hair, much less wonder how many teeth you have showing up when grinning at the Starbucks barista. And this is where Kim Kardashian, with her maxi dresses, sock buns, and big sunglasses, comes in as the casual fashion role model whose look is easier to copy than Kate’s. However, we have yet to see a “Kimpedia” drawn up or Middleton to step out in a dress from the Kardashian Kollection either.

Maybe we don’t see hundreds of women running around looking like Kate Middleton, but I don’t expect them to either. What I would much rather see and ultimately appreciate, are girls of all ages taking pages from her style book in their everyday wear. From a pair of fitted nice dress pants, to a simple cream colored top, or a dress that hits a fairly conservative spot on the leg in a lovely shade of teal, dressing like Kate doesn’t mean you need to be insanely precise about every tiny detail or spend a fortune along the way. See what she does that you like and try it out for yourself and make it work on your own terms – always while including a bit of your own personality in the finished ensemble.

Your closet’s gonna love you for it.

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  • Carly Wood

    “Maybe we don’t see hundreds of women running around looking like Kate Middleton, but I don’t expect them to either.”

    I have to disagree, as the owner of the page Kate Middleton Style Blog with 11,600 fans on Facebook and thousands of unique visits daily to our site !!!!

    But I guess by volume, maybe Kim has more style copiers. I know a lot of us Kate lovers don’t want to wear every single dress Kate does, but we love her style & incoprate it how we can in daily life. It’s better than too- short too-tight etc etc like Kim K will wear.

    Randomly, I think a lot of people who like Kate’s style also really like Zooey’s too. There’s a big cross over (so I’ve noticed).

    • Kate Hughes

      Your blog was what immediately came to mind when I read that – I’ve followed it for a long time! I’ve never thought Kim Kardashian’s style was impressive – it’s a much more casual look where Kate tends to be a much more classic look. But then again, I like a more classic look myself. Kate always looks very polished and put together though, even when she’s dressed more casually.

  • Rachel Lam

    Being a style queen is not about selling clothes in my opinion – I do not think it is a fair comparison as well. Kardashian has a very different body from Kate. Also, there are different expectations on them about what they should/should not wear, especially for Kate, who faces many more restrictions than Kim. I’d say, Kate comes out tops for looking stylish despite being required to dress more discreetly.

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