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An Ode To Amy Pond and the Doctor

You may know this already, but I am a Who-vian – a Doctor Who fan. And it will be a while before the Doctor, Amy Pond and Rory Williams will be back for their final journey. So here’s my love poem to the Doctor and his companions.

The girl, young.

She sits in her room waiting for something new.

Bored with her life, she waited.

Then, she met the man in the blue box.

The man with the bowtie.

He was tall and exciting;

He left.

He said he would be back.

The girl waited.

She was the girl who waited.

Years later, the man in the blue box came back.

His name was the Doctor.

Doctor Who.

She waited, and he came back.

They left as they saw the world go round, and new adventures waited for them.

She met a boy. Geeky, yet charming.

The boy who waited.

Near death sometimes, the three continued , seeing worlds.

But, Silence will fall.

They made marks on their arms, noting the men.

The men with creepy heads.

They kill, and scare.

They continue their journey, not knowing what is yet to come..

But the fear will always be in there.

We don’t know what will happen next, with the man in the blue box.

And the boy and the girl.

We are soon to find out.

Until then, we wait.

The fans who waited.


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