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An Ode To Amy Pond and the Doctor

You may know this already, but I am a Who-vian – a Doctor Who fan. And it will be a while before the Doctor, Amy Pond and Rory Williams will be back for their final journey. So here’s my love poem to the Doctor and his companions.

The girl, young.

She sits in her room waiting for something new.

Bored with her life, she waited.

Then, she met the man in the blue box.

The man with the bowtie.

He was tall and exciting;

He left.

He said he would be back.

The girl waited.

She was the girl who waited.

Years later, the man in the blue box came back.

His name was the Doctor.

Doctor Who.

She waited, and he came back.

They left as they saw the world go round, and new adventures waited for them.

She met a boy. Geeky, yet charming.

The boy who waited.

Near death sometimes, the three continued , seeing worlds.

But, Silence will fall.

They made marks on their arms, noting the men.

The men with creepy heads.

They kill, and scare.

They continue their journey, not knowing what is yet to come..

But the fear will always be in there.

We don’t know what will happen next, with the man in the blue box.

And the boy and the girl.

We are soon to find out.

Until then, we wait.

The fans who waited.


Are you a waiting fan? What are you looking forward to most when Amy Pond and Rory Williams and the Doctor come back?  Let me know here,  on Twitter @RubyKarp, or my Facebook page! And please do follow my blog. See you next week!

  • Grace Vaitilingam

    Dear Ruby, from a fellow Whovian, you have become extra cool in my books. I adore Amy and Rory. It was nice to see a married couple in the TARDIS for once. I look forward to Rory being a complete badass and Amy being the perfect redhead. You’ve seen the new companion I’m sure? I do hope she’ll be good. They all are.

  • Grace Ellen Dunn

    As a fellow Whovian, I am too excited to see the Doctor discussed on Hello Giggles. Thanks for sharing this Ruby! :]

  • Clara G. Kelley

    Anxiously awaiting the arrival of new Dr Who myself!!!

  • Katie Gray

    I can’t wait for the new Doctor Who! Though I am a little puzzled as to why all my British shows take forever to come back :(. I also watch Downton Abbey! I’m also kind of dreading the departure of Amy and rory:( I feel like a goodbye party will be in order! Haha

  • Kelcey Wheeler

    What a cute poem!!! This fall I was in the hospital for a month straight, and I watched every one episode (since the 2005 relaunch) and the the Doctor kept me from getting depressed while I was in there. I’ve loved each of the doctors companions for their own reasons, I love how his companions are all such badass chicks. I related with Amy the best though. Oh and Rory is my absolute perfect man. I follow/stalk Arthur Darvil (Rory) on twitter and always am commenting on any pictures he posts on instagram hoping for the day he notices my carefully calculated witty comment it takes up to 3 hours for me to think of……hahaha pretty safe to say I’m obsessed and I love your posts. Oh, did you hear they announced the new companion?

    Yeah, the level of disappointment I felt after they announced there was a new companion and it wasn’t me was almost worse when the Harry Potter movies were announced and I wasn’t going to be Hermione, (I was a 12 year old, nerdy but cute, frizzy haired brunette, in my mind I thought I would have been perfect had I been British as well!)

  • Paige Barclay

    The fans who waited. Seeing a TARDIS on Hello Giggles this morning made my day! Thank you for sharing this Ruby. Can’t wait to see Amy and Rory’s final adventures with the Doctor, but like most others I will be sad to see them go.

  • Cristina Moreno

    Oh gosh. My emotions! This was beautiful and while I’m excited for the new companion, I’m going to miss Amy and Rory so much. I’m also terrified that Moffat is going to kill them. But…happy thoughts, yeah? I made it through two Doctor regenerations and three companions (as they originally aired), so…I can do this, too. Until then, I’m going to enjoy the hell out of the Ponds.

    And then one day, I’ll pop out a kid named Amelia River____ and the world will be a better place. <3

    • Marcelle Ruby Karp

      even if they do die at the hands of the weeping angels (spoiler alert: episode 5, i read about it online), they won’t really die, they can live in an alternate universe like rose tyler and doctor ten. right? RIGHT???

  • Olivia Joan Corbett

    When they discovered that River Song was Rory and Amy’s baby in the future I was very angry, to say the least. Lets just say there were things throw.

    • Olivia Joan Corbett


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