An Interview With Amy Poehler About The New Movie "Freak Dance"

Matt: What’s the first dance movie you remember seeing as a child?
Amy: I imagine it was Singing in the Rain or West Side Story.

What’s your favorite dance movie and why?
Although I love the welding masks in Flashdance, the leotards in Chorus Line and the rollerskating in Xanadu, my heart belongs to Footloose. I saw it in the movie theater about ten times when I was young.

Was there a character in a musical you pictured yourself playing?
Eponine from Les Miz. Or the plant from Little Shop of Horrors.

If you were a street dancer what would be your street dancer name and why? What would be the name of your break dance crew?
Thank you for asking this. My street dancer name would be Justice. Or Lil J. My breakdancing crew would be called The Miami Pound Machine.

What’s your signature dance move called and how is it done?
Its called the “Slip Slide” and it involves water and a crowd.

Freak Dance is another term for “grinding”, a dance which is essentially dry humping one’s partner to the musical beat. Every generation has had its forbidden boogaloo. Does this dance go too far for you?
I believe that when dancing children should always leave room for the Holy Spirit.

How old do you have to be to grind on your own without your parents permission?
18. Unless you live in Arizona.

Can grinding aka freak dancing get you pregnant?
Yes. Everything can. Don’t do anything!

How do you stop an unwanted grinder from getting up on you?
Barbed wire and bodyguards.

In the news recently, at a high school prom, two mother chaperones were using Lysol spray to break up teenage dancers caught doing the dirty dance. Were these mothers out of line? How would you break up two under age freak dancers?
It’s always great when you can combine disciplining your children with a little light housekeeping. When I break up my freak dancers I like to use a vacuum or a swiffer.

Have you ever done a musical before? How is filming a musical different from making a real movie?
Filming Freak Dance was really fun. It’s cool to learn choreography and get out of your head and go for it. It is like filming a real movie except stretching is involved.

Freak Dance available now on cable system’s Video On Demand. Available on DVD and digital download on July 10. “Freak Dance” soundtrack featuring songs sung by Amy Poehler available on iTunes and Amazon now.