An Important Note About Placing Blame and Adapting to Change

I use an iPhone now and the whole thing is my dog’s fault.

Saturday night I was enjoying a glass of wine with a friend and I threw my chihuahua’s rubber ball against the wall (per his request!) and it bounced back and hit my glass of wine and the wine spilled everywhere. It got in my cigarettes (shhh, never start smoking), it spilled all over my friend’s phone and most importantly, it spilled all over my Blackberry. All up in it. I say that my phone is the most important because I’m really self-involved and like to think that I have a completely unique relationship with all electronic devices.

I bought a bag of rice to let my phone sit in overnight (that old “stick your wet electronics in a bag of uncooked rice” thing really does work because I’ve done it with two iPods), but I’d had one too many glasses of wine and I forgot to actually put the phone in the rice. I slept next to a bag of rice on Saturday, you guys.

When I woke up Sunday morning, I knew I had to replace my phone because between all of the emails I get for HelloGiggles and other work, I also just feel the constant need to like, I dunno, let boys freak me on the text, ask my girls what they’re thinkin’ about, tell Twitter I found a new song I like, etc. Thing is though, while I’m loyal to a Blackberry like Ice is loyal to CoCo, they are not loyal to me. Maybe every six months or so they’d quit on me or get buggy and shut off randomly or one of the keys would stop working. I go hard on my phone, for sure, but shouldn’t that be a given?

I hit up my brothers at Verizon because I’ve been a customer for seven years (again, please note that I am ride-or-die) and I spoke with them about my options. I was thinking about getting a Droid because my roommate has one and I’m kind of alternative and an iPhone just seems so obvious. In addition to rejecting conformity, I also need to use my phone for biz-nass. I need to look at my phone and have black and white texts and a mad functional keyboard and I don’t need bells and whistles and a circus up in my face every time I need to tell someone off or make a yoga date or whatever the hell it is that I do. I like typing on real keys and I don’t like minding my nail length so that I can accommodate my phone, so the Droid seemed like the best option next to the Blackberry.

My Verizon dudes, though, they strongly advised against that decision. They were like, “Honestly? The Droids come back into the store all the time. We rarely see an iPhone return.”

That’s really all I needed to hear. As much as I love my Verizon homies, I don’t need to see them more than once every two years. Maybe every six months if I decide I want to go in and poke the electronics I don’t intend to purchase, but I never want to make an emergency return. I can’t mentally, financially or physically afford to be put in that position. It stresses me out to have to go in there and yell at people until things get taken care of and I don’t like swiping my debit card in those debit card things unless I get clothing or alcohol out of it and my bones get tired real easily. I just got the iPhone.

I’ve had it for 24 hours now and typing’s gotten a little bit easier and I’ve been enjoying Words with Friends (I feel so intelligent and as though I have a much broader vocabulary than I choose to utilize), but it’s a real switch. A real change, indeed. I keep forgetting to hit that home screen button and finding myself in a real nervous place and I can already tell you that those who I communicate with via text and email who do not know me in a pre-iPhone world will perhaps wonder if I am uneducated and unaware of proper grammar and spelling, but it’s okay. I’ll get used to it. And I won’t mail my dog to Canada like I’ve been telling him I will, but don’t tell him that. He’s still grounded.

  • Jocqulene Castro

    Although I’m a total Blackberry supporter (even though mine is slow and glitchy sometimes I feel so fancy and queenly with it, you know?) I still support this upgrade to an iPhone. Change is supposedly pretty good. Don’t forget to turn that brightness down at night, protect those eyes n’stuff.

  • Beth Curry

    My Blackberry has its problems, but I’m still happy with it. I’m due an upgrade soon and I’m not sure whether to stick to Blackberry and get a newer version, or to get something else entirely. I’d like an iPhone but I hate touch screens, if I had one I would be wiping the screen every 5 minutes.

    I like Androids too, but I think to have it working in perfect condition you need to know what you’re doing. I see so many people complaining about them, but my boyfriend (who is a computer whiz and all that) hasn’t had any problems. Not any he can’t fix.

    Anyway, Blackberries need to be a teensy bit more water resistant. My previous one broke when I cried into it. It literally became a useless brick, but luckily it was under warranty and got replaced.

  • Ramou Sarr

    I made the switch a few months ago and it was such a good decision. For two weeks I was all, “OMG. You can actually see photos in emails!!!” “OMG. I don’t have to constantly carry a cotton ball soaked in rubbing alcohol in case that stupid ball gets stuck. AGAIN.” “OMG. Give me ALL THE APPS.” It really has been a wonderful experience. I hope you learn to love it.

  • Elizabeth Carlton

    This happen to me 2 weeks ago, well minus the wine on phone but you get it. I thought I would never get an Iphone and now I don’t know what I would do with out one! They are great, easy, and fun! Plus the Pocket Hipster app is amazing.

  • Allison Langford Smith

    Blackberries are horrible, but I have had my droid almost two years now and have never had an issueWhich is amazing considering I drop it all the time)! I love my droid, hot pink cover and all!

  • Laura Mendez

    “i won’t mail my dog to canada…” LMAO

  • Pamela Pamer-Van Dalsen

    I have a droid also and no issues. The reason they never see iphones returned is you can only return them to apple. I will not ever get a iphone built in memory, battery you can not replace and no tech help from verizon. yeah no thanks. When I want help I need it now not after calling for a appointment… Droid all the way.

    • Maddi Wichert

      Apple has the greatest customer support I have ever seen from any company, large or small, let alone a tech company! To have ANY question answered, you can pop into the Apple store, head straight back to the Genius bar, and put your name on the list with the concierge (or just sign up online!) and when your name is called, your questions will be answered, problems fixed, or your mac/ipod/iphone/etc will be replaced or on it’s way to repair (for FREE if it’s under warranty) in 10 to 30 minutes. The Geniuses are also great about showing you tricks and tips that are the very reason Apple is so amazing. You can also call the Apple support line or email them to speak with a real person who knows their stuff. Apple’s customer service is UNPARALLELED. And because their products are such high quality, you rarely even need to utilize it.

      I have owned various Apple products (two MacBooks, two iPhones, two iPods) and every question I couldn’t answer for myself by consulting the massive base of loyal Mac users on the web was answered at the Genius bar. Every repair I’ve ever had to get (including a full replacement of a keyboard face) was for free because I had purchased a 5-year warranty (ALWAYS get the warranty, so worth it). Prior to owning Apple products, my family had gone through ridiculous amounts of money and trouble getting viruses off our pc, retrieving information, and having things fixed. And it was like pulling teeth just to find a place that would help us.

      People have these stereotypes about Apple and Apple users that keep them from even considering the product, and it’s a shame, because Apple products truly are superior and they treat their customers very, very well. Once you go Mac, you never go back!

    • Jen Shoun

      I’m going to have to agree with Maddie. My iPhone was being kinda glitchy in the first 6 months (the home button was sticking) and they gave me a brand new phone. FOR FREE. That phone hasn’t had any issues and I’ve had it for almost 2 years.

      I can’t speak highly enough of the genius bar. Freaking GREAT customer service.

  • Tammi Jean Haynes

    Tips every iPhone user needs to know (and usually figures out eventually): Hit the space bar twice to put a period. Shake to undo typing. Touch the time at the top of the screen to scroll back up quickly. Double click your home button to see all of the apps that are currently running and then hold down on one until it wiggles, then tap the little minus button that appears to shut down apps that are running in the background and killing your battery.

    • Darren Maxwell

      Tammi Jean Haynes, you’ve underestimated the smartness of iPhone. You never need to shut down apps because iPhone doesn’t truly multi-task, it just makes you think it does. I wont get into the nerdy details of how it all works but if an app isn’t running, it isn’t running! The only reason you need ever manually close an app is if it’s playing up, aside from that you can just forget about them. =)

  • Lauren Nespoli

    I have a Blackberry and always think about getting an iPhone, but I like my keyboard! I tried typing on my iPod Touch and it just seems so much harder. I’ll probably give in eventually and switch because I’m jealous of everyone with their cool apps and quick Internet, but I’m not ready just yet! I do like Words with Friends, but because it’s on my iPod I keep forgetting to turn it on and check my games so I end up losing all the time because it forces you to resign after 15 days of being inactive (Maybe I just need to learn to check my games more often that every 15 days!) Let us know if the typing thing gets easier! Poor Wagandstuff; he just wanted to play and ended up causing trouble!

  • Kelly Oxford

    Tammi Jean Haynes, you just blew my mind. I’ve had an iphone since they were released and I only know one of those things. Boom, for real.

  • Jackie Johnson

    I am so sad to hear Molls left the “Bizness Lady w/ a blackberry” club! Luckily you’ll still be a biznass lady no matter what phone you rock

  • Lisa Ham

    Hilarious article. ” I slept next to a bag of rice on Saturday, you guys.” ROFLMAO.

  • Megan Mohler

    All I know is all my computer nerd friends hate Apple and they have tried to explain to me why before but I honestly just don’t care. I rock the droid incredible 2 (it actually looks just like the iphone) and let me say I love it! But I am sure the iphone is sweet too, I just wanted a google phone to make everything simpler. Regardless getting a new phone is awesome and have fun figuring out how to work all those fancy apps.

  • Lisa Manikowski

    I had a Blackberry first, back when they still had trackballs, and it was alright, there were a few issues, like if I had GPS on more than 20 minutes it froze up, or sometimes it refused to scroll. I finally got a droid (Samsung Intercept)and I’ve only had a major issue once in over a year, and it took maybe an hour to get fixed for free because it was just a minor software issue. I’ve never been big on Apple devices, although their desktops are better for photo and video editing. And also, I NEVER got the hang of typing on a touchscreen fluently.

  • Jessica Vignola

    This post couldn’t have come at a better time as I have been having the Droid-Blackberry-iPhone debate since my upgrade happens, oh, tomorrow! I’m still undecided, leaning more towards the iPhone but I’m scared. It’s a big leap, a big jump and seems a bit too techy for me and I already have an iTouch. What would I need an iPhone for then? Oh decisions, decisions. I hope you are happy with yours. On a side note, you should have slept ON the rice. It probably would have made a decent pillow.

  • Sahar Ashiq

    My iPhone, my best friend, my electronic significant other, got stolen during my first month in university. I hate that place and I hate my ‘classmate’ for stealing it. I’ll assasinate that sorry bastard if I find out who he is.

  • Madison Collins

    Typing on my iTouch is just too difficult, I much prefer my BlackBerry keyboard. I started out with the BlackBerry Curve 3 years ago, then it was stolen last summer by some cracra at the pool. I just got a BlackBerry Torch and I love it! My sister got an iPhone and thinks it’s way better that my “confusing” BlackBerry. Whateva girl!

  • Amanda Maria Molina

    My iPhone changed my life in such a hardcore way! I had a stupid android device from T-mobile, and their service was so atrocious that I had to jump ship. So jump I did right over to Verizon and a snazzy iPhone 4. I even got one for my mom because I figured we could learn how to use it together, and to my surprise she has even showed me some tricks. When it came down to it, the price difference for a new customer between an android device and an iPhone was like $30 so it wasn’t really a question for me. I have had a mac for 3 years so I am such an apple person already. I am glad more people are starting to get over the whole “hipster” persona of the iPhone and realizing how useful it is as a professional and personal device.

  • Tracey Magnuson

    I’ve had some really harshing experiences with Apple that turn me off from ever owning their products. I brought the Samsung Vibrant, which is an android OS phone (though not the original “Droid”, which I don’t care for). I love love love it. It is as slim as an iPhone and has just as many bells as whistles, with an added bonus – it can view Adobe Flash, which is about half the entire internet. I’ve got a cutie skin on it from Most people see my phone and get wide eyed and jealous and ask if it’s the new iPhone. I get to just smile and say, “Nope, better… “

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