An Exclusive Look at The New ‘Footloose'!

You guys, I really cannot even begin to tell you how excited I am to see this movie! It’s not even real, I’m so excited. I’ve been a fan of Kenny Wormald since Dance Life on MTV.

Yes, I watched that show religiously. I wanted to be a dancer but I never danced, so that was a fake dream that the show made feel real. I also just really love anything that has to do with Boston (Kenny is from Boston, duh). Like the accents, the whole Good Will Hunting thing – I just feel like men from Boston must be really loyal or something. Anyways, I’ve been waiting for him to have a big break, and it is finally here! This movie is going to be so good. And who doesn’t love dance movies? Really heartless people probably.

Now, you can watch an exclusive sneak peak of Footloose online!

Check out this exclusive sneak peak and be sure to see Footloose in theaters October 14!

  • Bianca Kim

    Dance movies are SOOOO my weakness. I love them. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE….you get the idea.

  • Meg Racho

    Loved Kenny since DanceLife as well! I’m glad he got this big break. I think he’s very talented! Can’t wait to see Footloose,

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