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Well, after my Girl Scout cookie post yesterday, I started getting really nostalgic. Which meant it was time to pull out the blanket I’ve had since I was born (and brought to college with me) and look at pictures of my tiny self. One of them prominently featured my favorite childhood toy, my American Girl doll Kristen. I got her for Christmas when I was 10 years old, and she was my pride and joy. One time my sister (then 6) ‘played spa’ with her and took out her French braids and painted her nails and I didn’t talk to her for a week. Which, if you know how much I like to talk, is saying something.

Since I didn’t bring Kristen with me to college, choosing instead to let her keep watch over my childhood room at home, I decided to stalk the American Girl doll website like an normal 20-year-old the day before her first day of winter semester should. And, guys – I was surprised at how many American Girl Dolls there are that I didn’t know about and how many have been ‘retired to the vaults’. Here are the current American Girl Dolls, and I’m sad that most of my favorites (Kristen, Samantha and Felicity) are gone from the line up. And don’t even get me started on this ‘Girl of the Year’ business. Let’s just say I miss being young.

Did you have an American Girl doll? Were you ever as psyched to get the American Girl catalog as I was? Which doll’s historical time period is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!


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  1. Oh sad. My first American Doll was also Samantha. My pertnas steadfastly refused to buy any of the accessories though, so I guess little Sammy is out of luck. I hate gimmicks like this though. It’s like Beanie Babies only on a larger scale. Oh the Beanie Babies. Sigh.

    Anonymous | 2/23/2012 11:02 pm
  2. I only have a ten month old dugahter so I’m really not up on all the American Dolls. It seems even more involved that the Cabbage Patch Kids craze way back.

    Anonymous | 2/23/2012 06:02 pm
  3. I can’t believe they retired Samantha! I got Samantha when I was 8 years old and after going on a family trip to my grandfathers village in Mexico, became obsessed with Josefina and got her for Christmas when I was 10. These dolls were a huge part of my childhood and I waited anxiously for each catalog to see what new outfits they had for each doll. I can’t wait until my nieces are old enough to appreciate these dolls so I can hand them down and see the joy they will bring!

  4. I was scarred the day I found out that the Pleasant Company had sold out to Mattel. They went from high end to a new doll every few months and a catalog like Sears’ Christmas catalog! And now you can have tea parties and stuff with the dolls in New York City!! So jealous…

    I had three dolls – Felicity, Josephina and a girl of today who ended up looking just like Molly so she ended up having an identity crisis. I also had Felicity’s craft kit that included a bunch of wooden pieces that I couldn’t figure out how to use, some paper dolls and a recipe book. I actually wish I could find the recipe book because my aunt and I used to make some of the dishes and they were good! A lot of my doll’s clothes and accessories came from craft fairs and Pat Catan’s but that doesn’t mean they were any less fantastic. The girls are all boxed up and living in my mom’s basement now. My mom surprised me a couple Christmases ago and had the girls in their holiday dresses hanging out under our tree =)

  5. I also got Kirsten for Christmas when I was 10 and she and I never parted for quite some time. I wanted her mostly because she was the one who most resembled me, but I loved her dresses and her stories as well. As someone else mentioned, I initiated celebrating St. Lucia day in my house and we bought the wreath and everything. SO FUN!

    Before I got Kirsten, my sister and I frequently cut up catalogs and made paper dolls out of them. As I got older, I started buying things for her to build my collection. A few years ago I found a Samantha doll in a junk store for $2.50 – needless to say, she came home with me. :) After that, I bought girl of the year Chrissa because she, like me, was a swimmer. I couldn’t turn her down!

  6. I got Addy right when she first came out. I looked like Samantha, but I thought Addy had the most interesting stories! And every Christmas I would get a new set of her stuff. Then I got a “girl of today” when they came out (though I suppose she could be the 1994 doll now) and she was blonde with brown eyes.
    Actually I just recently ordered a new head for my Addy doll because my mom found an unused gift card. I had once braided all her hair in minuscule braids and it totally ruined her hair after that. I am excited to see her new plush hair when I visit my parents next!
    Something else that made me really happy recently was my little 8 year old cousin wanted an American Girl doll for christmas, but her parents can’t really afford one. Our grandma passed away this year and my grandpa had given her the Kit doll years ago (since my grandma grew up in the 30′s) and my little cousin got to inherit that doll!

  7. I have Addy. She’s rad!

  8. i have kirsten (she was my first) then i got samantha and mom always bought me clothes for them from craft fairs and stuff and got me wooden bunk beds for them i LOVE my dolls and hope i have a daughter someday to pass them down too..WAY better than barbie i say! =0 )

  9. I had Felicity, Josephine, and Kirsten. They were my favorite things in the whole wide world for about six years, and I hope someday I can pass them down to my kids. This post made me smile for old times :)

  10. I wanted Felicity when I was eleven, but my parents didn’t have the exorbitant money for the doll when I was that age. So I randomly received Felicity when I was sixteen. I was a bit out of my doll phase by that point, but I cherished her since I wanted her so bad. I eventually donated her to my youngest sister, who proceeded to cut her hair off and do God knows what to her.

  11. Well, I read all the books and (over many a birthday and Christmas) slowly collected all the dolls, so this is a very tricky one. I loved Samantha because she looked like me (brown hair, brown eyes) and got to throw elegant tea parties (petit fours, anyone?) and Kirsten is the reason I made my family celebrate St. Lucia’s Day (I got very good at balancing a crown of lit candles on my head and trying not to set the Christmas decorations on fire), but my absolute favourite was Felicity. She had red hair and a pretty name. And when you’re eleven that’s all it takes.

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  12. I never owned one because my parents always responded that they were too expensive. :(
    My favorite was Molly!! I looked just like her when I was little, and she happened to live in my favorite era. :D I read all of her books, and many of the other girls, at the library.

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      Anonymous | 2/23/2012 03:02 am
    • Not sure what you are lkoiong for but I like the Gerber ones because they actually fit around his neck so the spit up doesn’t dribble all the way down his onesies.

      Anonymous | 2/21/2012 04:02 pm
  13. I had Josefina and Samantha.. Loved both of their time periods. May or may not have been jealous of their wardrobes…

  14. I had Samantha and Addy but my favorite was Addy…she had her ears pierced I thought that was amazing, I also liked playing with her hair, Samanthas hair would always come undone and the perm kit never worked that well for me. Now I hear they actually have American Girl Doll Salons! This kind of makes me want to go to my parents house and pick them up…

  15. That company has waaaaaay over complicated things. Too much variety. I had Addy and I loved her! I think what I miss the most are the early ’90s American Girl magazines–with the paper dolls of real girls in every issue.

    • I don’t like the idea of my kids ptintug on a breast accessory for the toy to work. It seems to set up the belief a baby and a breast are not enough for success when, most of the time, that’s all a woman needs to breastfeed!

      Anonymous | 2/23/2012 05:02 pm
  16. I pined and pined my 8 year old soul away till I got my first, Samantha, for Christmas. Oh, the glory. Nothing rivals a girl’s first American Girl Doll. I’ve kept all my dolls; so I better be blessed with daughters someday, otherwise my future sons will have to cope with playing with Nellie, Molly, Felicity and co.

    • goissp, satire.. Combating local homelessness: Charity event to benefit Lexington non-profit.. Meet Gwen Thompson: The $95 Homeless American Girl Doll : Dad-O-Matic Charity gig for homeless charity (This is Oxfordshire) Charity Central Gu.. Homeless World Cup

      Anonymous | 2/22/2012 03:02 am
  17. I had 4! Samantha, Kirsten, Addie, and a Korean ‘girl of today’. I strangely feel sad that they have so many different ones now, how do the kids these days keep up? ;)

  18. Did anyone else notice that with the two new ones, Cecile and Marie-Grace, they stopped ending the years with 4? This probably upsets me more than it should.

  19. When I got my Samantha doll, I about died. This was the hot ticket when I was a kid and to this day, I can still walk into the American Girl store at the Grove in LA and feel like a kid.

  20. Felicity is the doll I had, my sister had Kirsten. I was in love with Felicity – we even went on a vacation to Williamsburg because of her. She’s still sitting in my room at home. Wow – when I think how many things I had for her – the tea set, the tons of outfits. She defined an entire part of my childhood – and I still hold that deep love for her time period. I’m sad they retired her.

    I was also inspired by Kirsten – for St. Lucia Day I walked around the house with a wreath of candles on my head. Needless to say I got wax in my hair…but I didn’t burn anything – so all in all it was a great success! Haha