It's Official

And 2016's American Girl "Doll of the Year" is… *drumroll*

Okay, yes, fine, objectively speaking we may be getting a tiny bit old to play with dolls but, oh man, 2016’s American Girl doll is tempting us like never before! The celebrated line of diverse dolls for girls has added a new heroine, and her interests are pretty cool: meet Lea Clark, an avid photographer and animal lover!


American Girl dolls all have an intricate story, and Lea’s is fascinating. According to press releases, Lea becomes enamored with both photography and animals during a trip to the Brazilian rainforest where her older brother, Zac, is a researcher. An encounter with an injured baby sloth turns Lea into a life-long animal lover (why do we get the feeling this might be the perfect American Girl doll for Kristen Bell?).

As with all new American Girl dolls, Lea is more than just a dress-up toy. So far, three new books, a movie, and a paid app have all been announced to help tell Lea’s story. On the American Girl website, there’s also a host of Lea-related activities, crafts, quizzes and even downloadable wallpapers.

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