All You Need For The Holidays

Holidays are all about making memories and sharing time with the ones you love. No one makes that easier than Samsung. The new Samsung Galaxy Note II is truly all you need for the holidays.

Like most people, I will be traveling home for the holidays. Last year my carry-on bag was filled with technology: laptop, camera, video camera, tablet. I know I need to calm down with the gadgets. Luckily, this year I will be traveling much lighter. The Samsung Galaxy Note II has everything I need in one device (WHAT?!). The screen is big enough to watch movies and videos, but small enough to carry on the go. Going through TSA is going to be a breeze.

Once I get home, I know I will be expected to do a little work. (I work for HelloGiggles, so don’t feel too sorry for me). The Samsung Galaxy Note II makes work a breeze with advanced multitasking technology. I can take notes with the fancy S pen while watching a video or send an email in the middle of checking twitter. It’s a working girl’s dream.

All these things are great, but my favorite part of the Samsung Galaxy Note II is the capturing and sharing experience. I never take more pictures than I do around the holidays, and I’m super picky when it comes to picture quality. My Facebook friends don’t want to see a blurry picture of me and my dog wearing matching Christmas sweaters… they want to see crystal clear quality. Samsung gives you that and more! They also make sharing pictures (as well as documents and videos) easier than ever with a ‘Transfer to Touch’’ technology. All you have to do is touch the back of another S Beam phone!

I’m looking forward to a much more organized, hi-tech holiday. If you don’t already have the Samsung Galaxy Note II, I highly suggest adding it to the top of your holiday wish list.