Slideshows All That and a Bag of Chips Eliza Hurwitz

When I was younger, disgustingly enough, one of my favorite breakfasts were potato chips dipped in ketchup. I guess I liked how the taste was reminiscent of ketchup and french fries. Therefore, when I discovered that there was ketchup flavored potato chips, I was pleasantly surprised and began to wonder what other potato chip flavors could there be.

What I found was interesting and disturbing. From crab flavored to blueberry and cucumber, I had no idea there would be such a wild variety. I haven’t tried any of these and can’t say that I wan to. Have you tried any crazy flavored chip?


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  1. The cajun squirrel Walkers tasted like chicken. The chocolate and chilli ones were suprisingly good though!

  2. Ketchup chips are my favourite!!!

  3. The Walkers ones are UK brand and they always bring out limited edition weird flavours! The lamb and mint ones were amazing.

  4. The blueberry and cucumber ones are from China – I was just there for a couple of months teaching English, and got to try some very interesting flavors! Some of the odder ones: Numb & Spicy Hot Pot, Hot and Sour Fish Soup, Mexican Chicken, French Chicken, Lemon Tea, and Cheese Lobster. The cheese lobster ones are weirdly accurate, haha. The lemon tea ones were actually really good!

  5. Yeah there’re all weird. Except the lamb and mint, that’s a pretty delicious, and common, combination!

  6. Lamb and mint actually DO go really good together, it’s pretty traditional…but not so much as a chip, ick!

  7. I have yet to try the ketchup chips…they SOUND gross but I do like ketchup…Did you ever try the hamburger flavored Doritos?? So. Weird.

  8. I love ketchup chips.

  9. Ketchup chips are standard in Canada! I’m not s huge fan of them, but a friend of mine who recently moved to the USA loves them. Whenever she’s up here, she brings back cases, because she can’t find them anywhere!