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21 years ago today ‘All That' was born, and we've been cry-laughing ever since

Remember All That? Of course you do. And 21 years ago today the show that delighted our kid-hearts premiered on Nickelodeon. So yes, that means that All That is now legally old enough to drink, and that Kenan Thompson has been making us laugh for 21 years. Sorry if you now feel horribly old, but it’s a good kind of old, since All That was really all that.

The show premiered April 16th 1994, and it was like the teen version of SNL. It ran for 10 seasons on Nick and gave us amazing recurring sketches like “Good Burger,” “Vital Information,” and “Ask Ashley.” It had cast members like Thompson, Amanda Bynes, Danny Tamberelli, and Nick Cannon. And we can go on and on talking about how great All That was, or we can re-live it with some amazing clips. Let’s go with the latter. Thank goodness this all lives on via YouTube (and, you know, in our hearts).

Vita Information

Lori Beth Denberg did a sort of one-woman Weekend Update sketch (YA style), where she gave us very important information to remember. (BTW, most of that information was totally not real.)

Watch a sketch. 

Good Burger

All That gave us the hilarious best friend duo of Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchel, who would then go on to Kenan and Kel, and later to an actual Good Burger movie. But things started small with LOL Good Burger sketches, wherein it was almost impossible for Kenan not to laugh.

Watch a sketch. 

USS Spaceship

Think, Star Trek. But a totally insane Star Trek parody. I mean, I’d honestly watch an entire hour of this show every week. Also: tiny Amanda Bynes.

Watch a sketch. 

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