All That!

Guys, could we just take a second to appreciate All That? I mean the original cast from 1994-2000, obviously. This was on air from the time I was 4 years old to the time I was 10 years old. I just feel like these are some really formative years, ya know? I’m pretty sure this show defined my sense of humor growing up. Oh, and on top of everything else, TLC sang the theme song. You just can’t top that. You can’t!

My top ten All That sketches:

1) Good Burger

Fav line: “Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger, can I take your order?”

2) Walter the Earboy

Fav line: “His ears are really big!”

3) Vital Information

Fav line: “It’s not nice to push your friend Billy off the roof and then yell, ‘Look, neighbors! It’s raining Billy!'”

4) Superdude

Fav line: “I’m Superdude, the teenage superhero with powers that make women sweat!”

5) Ask Ashley

Fav line: “Thaaaat’sss meeeee!”

6) Ishboo

Fav line: (Other character):”What country are you from, Ishboo?”

Ishboo: “Why are you screaming at me!?”

7) Repairman

Fav line: “That was me! I’m…Repairmanman-man-man-man-man!”


Fav line: “Okay!???”

9) The Inconvenience Store

Fav line: “stop the world, Mr. Costumer wants to buy a lottery ticket”

10) I luv Lucy

Fav line: I honestly can’t even choose one, Amanda Bynes as Lucy was gold!

  • Melissa K. Nodurft

    I’m still amazed Kenan graduated and went on to SNL.

  • Kaylea Selinski

    everyday french with Pierre escargot!

    • Kimberly Hawkins

      YES! I was gonna say that! That one always left me in tears from laughing so freakin’ hard!

  • Stephanie Shriver

    saggin’ baggin’ barry!

  • Maricruz Valtierra

    im excited for the 90s is all that on nick theyre showing reruns!!!!

  • Elaina Davis

    All That was awesome but I miss Round House. Best. Show. Ever.

  • Ramou Sarr

    I maintain that the original season of All That is better than the current season of SNL.

    • Samantha Ritchie

      I couldn’t agree more.

  • Robyn Pennington

    I absolutely adored Amanda Bynes’ introduction on that show. It’s totally how she got her start then she left and all the good cast members left and then the show just sucked lol. I loved all the sketches but I think Ask Ashley and Good Burger are my two faves. Keenan and Kel and Amanda Bynes…. You can’t go wrong!

  • Julia Gazdag

    Lori Beth Denberg wrote all her own material, right? I like to think she did. I MISS HER.

  • Greer Jamie

    Who loves orange soda?!

    • Greer Jamie

      Oop! Just youtubed it and realized that was from the All That spin-off ‘Kenan and Kel’. Close enough.;)

  • Frances Vasquez

    who didnt love this show!?best of the best for the 90’s

  • Kristie Forzese Bringhurst

    I really love that show. I’m pumped that they’re bringing the oldies back to Nickelodeon at night! That’ll be so good.

  • Sha Salim

    “thatttt’s meeee!” Amanda Bynes was the cutest ickle thing.

  • Natasha Pricilla Ishak

    I will never stop loving the 90s. I’m still obsessed with 90s music, NEGL.

    I MISS THIS AMANDA BYNES. waiting for her to get a big break ugh she is so talented. so many amazing sketches to choose from but my favorite would have to be The Inconvenience Store.

    Who would have bet Nick Cannon would grow up to be the father of Mariah Carey’s children? lol

  • Caitlin McCarthy

    I’m currently working with kids over the summer and in the afternoons we will occasionally turn on the TV. Disney has a show on now called So Random. I have to stop myself from launching into a long story about All That. No those 8 year old kids don’t need me to be nostalgic.

    • Ali Gatewood

      oh my gosh! I watched that show! Its actually not that bad. Not as good as All That of course, but at least Disney is doing something interesting for once. Some of their skits appear to be knock-offs of All That skits… not sure how I feel about that…

  • Megan Younce

    i used to love this show!! vital information was my favorite for sure!

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