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Um, all pink Starburst packs are now a thing

Let’s be real for a second. All Starburst candies are delicious. But certain Starburst flavors are a little more equally loved by all palates. While yellow and orange will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth, there’s something irresistible about that pink-colored Starburst treat.

And now, for a limited time, you can get entire packages of Starburst with only the pink flavor inside.

That’s right. No more having to save the best for last or hide all the pink ones for yourself. Starburst has created packs exclusively filled with the yummy strawberry flavor.

The Starburst All Pink packs were given early to some lucky celebs.

And they have, understandably, been enjoying everything about them.

So for any of you who have been meticulously hoarding your favorite flavor, you no longer need to worry about having enough. Starburst now has you covered.

Shout out to Pink Starburst for their juiciest flavor nomination alongside Red, Yellow, and Orange!

Posted by Starburst on Wednesday, February 15, 2017
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