All I'm Saying Is, Give Short Guys A Chance

I come from a long line of intrepid short people. A small stature hasn’t ever stopped my father, who stands 5’4”, from being the most charismatic and articulate man in the room, or my brother, who is shorter, from traveling the world on top-secret government business. So I don’t have the same prejudices that other ladies do about short dudes. In fact, I’m downright shocked that so many girls have a non-negotiable policy when it comes to the 5’8” and under crowd. Obviously, there are plenty of vertically challenged jerks out there, but before you establish height parameters on your OkCupid profile, consider the following:

  1. Short guys can protect you as well as any tall man. I always wonder what girls are picturing when they say they need a big guy to feel protected, a West Side Story style knife fight breaking out on their way to the bar? In this modern world, you are much more likely to need protection in the form of a sharp mind, chutzpah and moral courage. A short man is just as equipped to give this to you as any tall man. If you’re so worried about getting mugged then maybe you should carry mace.
  2. When a short man is confident and secure with himself, you know he’s earned it. Chances are he’s had to work harder than his tall brothers for his spot on the team, his date to the prom and even his first job. Growing up several inches smaller than the rest of the gang is a real challenge and a man who has met it with grace and dignity is likely to have some hard-won, old-fashioned self-esteem.
  3. Short guys are are good dancers. I don’t know if it’s their low center of gravity, quick reflexes or the economy of their limbs, or but in my experience, shorter men can really bring it on the dance floor. If a short guy invites you to cut the rug, I suggest you accept. You just might find your heart pirouetting.
  4. Short guys can make you feel feminine. A major issue for ladies unwilling to date the un-tall seems to be a fear of feeling large or lumbering next to their sensibly sized man. However, it’s not just height that makes a man masculine. Height has nothing to do with a guy knowing just the right moment to put an arm around a girl or the exact combination of words that will make her feel beautiful, or better yet, understood.

The last point gets to the heart of matter, which is that takes very few dates (like two) before the way someone makes you feel dictates the way you see him. The luster of a strong-jawed six-footer who’s mean or dull will fade pretty darn quickly when you find yourself the target of a snide remark or having to carry the conversation for more than twenty minutes. And a weak-chinned shorty can start to look smokin’ hot when he makes you laugh so hard your guts hurt. So before you set a height minimum, or any other superficial limitation, either online or in the checklist in your mind, remember that love can’t be ordered à la carte and that by restricting your options, you could be missing out on some pretty big fun.

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  • Elena Caracappa Maddox

    My husband is 5’4″-ish and he’s the best man I know. Don’t be so quick to throw the little fish back!

    • Leila Howland


  • Hannah Marie Seeger

    I guess it depends on perception. My height is 5 feet even, and my boyfriend i think is about 5’6″ so to me he is tall lol

    • Leila Howland

      Lots of people are tall to me too:)

    • Ellen Findley

      I feel that! I’m 5’2.5″ myself, so height isn’t really something that I consider in a guy.

  • Sergio Coronado

    as a 5’8er i wish the part about dancing skills was true for us all lol

    • Leila Howland


  • Abby Arete

    Seriously, who has a height requirement these days? I think when it come to height issues, the problem is a “shortage” of well-rounded, interesting, intelligent, open-minded great guys. I would love to be around a guy that I can just have an intelligent, interesting conversation with who can make me laugh, and treats me with respect. Besides, there are advantages to a shorter guy too ;).

    • Leila Howland

      I hear you!

  • Kristen Helmberger

    Two words: U.S. gymnast. At the Olympics, they look like the most adorable guys ever. Not to mention that they were nice to look at during their events.

  • Christine Perkins

    Yes please girls give short boys a chance! I’m saying this mainly because of my own selfish reason, short girls are always dating tall guys. I am a tall girl, around 6ftish so I need those tall guys, there are a lot less of those tall guys than people think. My friends who are all between 5ft to about 5’3 are always dating 6ft or taller and my response is WHY? There are plenty of hot short guys, I’ve noticed. So please shorter/average girls date the short guys, and leave the taller ones for us taller girls!

  • Hans Johan Svensson

    I´m 6 foot and 220 pounds. A´ll be shorter on my knees.

  • Emma Richards

    Haha I love this! I’m 5ft10 and my hubby is 5ft5. Short men are the best! I keep trying to convince my (equally tall) sisters, but they’re not really having it haha

  • Sarah Greenway

    I don’t have anything against the 5’8″ and under crowd, I think there are plenty of great guys who aren’t tall. However, I am 6 foot tall myself and I really would prefer to look up to a guy rather than down at him.

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