Air Conditioner Swim Team Tryouts

I’m auntie to my cousin’s 4 chihuahuas, so oh, how I chortled at this adorably deluded little chi-chi getting it so wrong about what are to us humanoid bipedal smarty pantses some pretty basic principles of science and logic. And no, I don’t expect animals to hit the books, though I was adorably deluded enough myself to try to teach ‘school’ to my family’s two dogs, Puffy and Stuffy, every time they were made to dry off from outside behind a gate at our back door where a blackboard hung. It shouldn’t surprise you to hear they were terrible students, but they were awesome dogs, so it worked out okay at report card time. Although, that’s not the kind of message I want to send to our youth, so STAY IN SCHOOL, KIDS (and disobedient and/or wet dogs)! Anyway, this plucky little paddler could captain my air conditioner swim team any time. And who hasn’t stuck her arm out the passenger window of a moving car to handsurf with the air current? And really, what is aerodynamics but a fancier, extrapolated version of that where you show your work? So again, I guess yay science, and as always, yay puppies! (Video by Season1255 on YouTube)

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