Ah-Ah The Blue Monkey Returns To His Best Friend After Missing For Years (Warning: You Might Cry!)Blaire Bercy

I rarely cry at Internet videos, but at 2 minutes in I was tearing up and feverishly texting my BFF.

We all have lost something and wished we either could have it back or figure out where it went. Ah-Ah’s family had given up on finding him after he was lost during a family camping trip. Years later, while on  eBay looking for something else, Liam’s mom decided to search to see if she could possibly find another Ah-Ah or maybe the company that made that little blue monkey… Here is what happened:

Calvin and Hobbes 2012


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  1. Oops. Don’t know what happened with that first comment. This is so sweet! I too lost a precious stuffed toy that I sleepy with every night of my life until an ex destroyed it when I was 19. I bawled watching this.

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  3. Hello friends.I just made it in time to just say Hi! How u doing? I am Great so far.Give me a shout when your not busy.O”Tay LOVE &PEACE friends.

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  5. Anyone remember the For Better or For Worse Christmas special where Liz loses her bunny? That’s what this made me think of! lol

  6. damn you blaire. sobbing at desk. sobbing!

  7. That is my happy story for the day. LOVED IT! Thanks for sharing, Blaire!