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I did this week’s playlist a little differently. Usually I have a theme and then pick the songs but this week I picked the songs and then realized I didn’t have a theme. GASP. THE HORROR.

So I’ve been racking my brain for the past few afternoons trying to figure out what theme these songs would fit. My friend Mike suggested I theme it “Dance” (just the word?) but I realized that this playlist is actually perfect for what I’ve been doing… listening to in the afternoon.

I mean really, we all hit that 2:30 feeling at work or school when we get tired and just can’t wait to be home again. I know I typically combat that feeling with a coffee with whipped cream (like Leslie Knope) but then I get a sugar crash about an hour later. Also that Happy Hour frappucino promotion at Starbucks this week has not helped in reducing my sugar intake.

Well, this playlist is sure to be a great pick-me-up and way healthier than a whipped cream covered espresso (but not as delicious).

HelloGiggles: Afternoons

The One- Air Traffic Controller

Lucky Me- Orphan Twins

Perfect Games- The Broken West

Dance In My Blood- Men, Women & Children

Growing A Beard- Jon Walker

Tounge Tied- Grouplove

Grown Ocean- Fleet Foxes

Coming Through- Someone Still Loves You Boris Yelstin

Creeps Me Out- Ima Robot

Please Do Not Go- Violent Femmes

16 Years- Phantogram

Last One You Love- GOLDHOUSE

What songs do you love to listen to in the afternoon? Share in the comments below!

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