Adventures in Thrifting

Adventures in Thrifting: Weird Thrift Store Finds

I continue my weird thrift store finds from readers! Hit me up here or tweet me @LauraCJOwen if you’ve got strange thrift store discoveries.

This week, via Twitter, @NiftyThrifty drew our attention to this find:

And I was like, huh? So it’s  Lee Jean Jacket from the seventies. How is this weird? Then I saw the back:


Hand-decorated, people!

Alert reader @werejustdandy tweeted me this “mystical painting” find:

(Apparently, this baby is currently selling for a mere $175!)

Keep those images of rainbows and dragons and trees in your minds, people, because it’s about to get dark up in here. She also shared THIS:

She concludes: “I hope these haunt your dreams like they have mine.”

THEN alert reader Lara continued the Very Very Very Creepy theme by sending me these from Reno:


According to the tag, this RARE porcelain creamer is only $125.00!

And now, we’re really getting dark, people. Can this possibly be real Nazi memorbilia? Say it ain’t so:

And to give us a further reminder that the past wasn’t all sweetness and light and porcelain creamers, here are some Incredibly Racist Kitchen Decorations:


I know, I have to go look at some rainbows and kittens now cheer myself up.

If you want to haunt my dreams next week, hit me up! 

  • Shelby Bradfield

    I have had a Facebook album devoted to just this for a long time, I just haven’t updated it in a while :)

  • Shelby Bradfield

    I tried clicking the link of your website for contact but it didn’t do anything. So here’s a link to the album. I hope it works!

    • Laura Owen

      Hmmm…should check that. Thanks for the link!

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