Adventures in Thrifting

Adventures in Thrifting: From Our Readers: Weird Thrift Store Finds

As usual, hit up me on twitter at @LauraCJOwen, email me here, or post in comments to share your weird thrift store finds! 

Alert twitter-reader @Lacey1211 says:



And I’m pretty much going to spend the rest of my life trying to figure out what this find from alert twitter @HotMessHousFrau MEANS:

If kissing doesn’t last, WHAT DOES? AND WHY THE FRUIT? The exact nature of the symbolism escapes me. Honestly, I’ve been puzzling over this like it’s got all the answers to the questions of the universe.

Also, a thrift store, I saw a tiny barn:

Did some people play “Farm” instead of dollhouse?

  • Christin Wise

    “Kissin’ don’t last, Cooking do”
    It’s a Southern saying telling the men to get out
    of the kitchen and stop kissing and bothering the cook.

    • Laura Owen

      Oooooooooh! See, I think it would be clearer here if the visuals were of food. Because you don’t COOK fruit. So it looks like “Kissin’ don’t last…fruit does.” It should be a pie or something!

  • Tamara Baltazar

    I had a little barn with animals as a kid. Maybe that’s a southern thing, too? xD

    • Laura Owen

      Maybe! I’m totally intrigued by playing “farm”. I just had a playskool dollhouse.

  • Samantha Mann

    YES, my submission made it! (It’s HotMessHousWIFE, but dammit now I like “Frau” better.) That thing cracks me up so much I wish I’d bought it, but at least I have a picture to remember it always.

    • Laura Owen

      Ooops! ! I agree, though, I like “Frau”

  • Rebecca Zinner

    I always thought the saying, “Kissin’ don’t last, but cookin’ do” meant that a couple’s…um…physical attraction to each other will fade, but the [wife’s] ability to cook lasts a lifetime.

    • Laura Owen

      That makes a lot of sense. Again, I feel the visuals don’t quite work! There should be cooking, not random fruit!

  • Amalia Pantazi

    I’m not American, I’m not familiar with the saying. To me, it looks like “Kissing don’t last, let’s have some oranges and then we’ll kiss again”. I like it! 😀

  • Amanda Runner

    I had a barn and some animals (well, my little brother and I did)… maybe it’s because I grew up on a farm in the middle of Iowa :)

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