Adventures in Thrifting

Adventures in Thrifting: From Our Readers: Weird Thrift Store Finds

Alert reader Shelby sent me to an ENTIRE FACEBOOK ALBUM  of “creepy thrift store finds,” and I was hard pressed to pick. I settled on this as the most haunting-of-my-dreams (and I don’t even mind clowns, that much!). But this clown…<shudders>. I think it’s supposed to be a doctor? So CLOWNS and DOCTORS. TOGETHER.

And then there’s this, which freaks me out because I’m afraid of monkeys. What? Aren’t you afraid of monkeys? Well, you should be. They don’t wish to hug. They wish to eat your face:

So, as you can imagine, I wasn’t thrilled with THIS close up:

Another Shelby find, this one a dramatic interpretation of me before coffee:

My friend Kindall described her find as “an understated wall hanging”.

I bothered my friend Liz for weeks until she sent me a picture of what she called her “good and evil cats painting”.

It was worth it:

She says: “Note the phantom catheads floating in the background, and the way the white cat has a dark halo and the black cat has a light halo…[and also] The yard sign in back reads “No pets.” Judging from the way the price is written in the back in black china marker (2.99), I’m guessing I got it at Saver’s. I’ve had it for over ten years!”

As always, comment, hit me up, or tweet me @LauraCJOwen if you’ve got a find.

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