Adventures in Thrifting

Adventures in Thrifting: A Used Toilet Seat Cover and Other Things That Were Really For Sale at a Thrift Store

I put out a call for weird thrift store finds on my Facebook page and was shown a picture of this beauty, discovered at Savers:

Yep, that’s a toilet seat cover. At a secondhand store. Let’s ponder that awhile, my friends.

The rest of my social networking acquaintance proved less helpful, but I took a few pictures of some great finds at my recent trip to a Goodwill.

There’s the Sad but Spunky Little Boy Cowboy:

The ever-useful Sneaker High Heels:

These guys say “Long Distance Runners” on them. Really? How much long distance running are you really gonna do in these babies?

As a buyer and wearer of a jumpsuit with tiger faces on it, I really shouldn’t judge, but this hot-pink jumpsuit really is taking both the jumpsuit and the color hot pink too far:

According to Ed Hardy, lobe kills slowly. So does love, presumably:

I’m always on the look-out for crazy thrift store finds though I’ve got a pretty jaded palette at this point.

In you send me pictures of crazy/awesome/ugly/weird thrift store finds, I’ll post the best and brightest next week! Post in comments, twitter me at @LauraCJOwen or you can email me.