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Payton is an aspiring actress and blogger from Nashville, Tennessee. She loves all things Beatles related, liquid eyeliner, record collecting, polyester clothing, mustard yellow, and is carrying on a sick love affair with Netflix Watch Instantly. Read more at her blog at:  and follow her on Twitter:


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    Anonymous | 12/13/2011 01:12 am
  2. You’ve got to be kidding me-it’s so tarnspaerntly clear now!

    Anonymous | 12/12/2011 06:12 pm
  3. I totally tried the free online dating thing. Disasterrr! Actually went on a date with one guy. He collected clowns… which I happen to be terrified of. But I could deal with it, as long as the clowns were far away. He actually had one tattooed on his arm. Um, weird. We eventually stopped talking because I didn’t like his best friend. Because best friends was even CREEPIER! Never again!

  4. I’m so proud of you. <3

  5. i actually paid for an online dating service. i found an awesome, beautiful guy who meshed with me perfectly. i thought for sure he was the one, and that he was totally worth the $30 i paid to subscribe to the site. then he got promoted at his job, transformed from loving, awesome nature boy, to violent ric flair WOOO insane material boy. online dating is probably worse than real life dating. i’ll just stick to world of warcraft.