Adventures in Adulthood: Beginners' Ballet

For whatever reason, my parents didn’t force me into activities when I was a kid. Of course, I’m happy they didn’t because the entire concept seems miserable. Nonetheless, from time to time, I still get that “well what if I’d started playing piano when I was 5?” or “what if I had to read one book a week or no dessert?” feeling. Those are awful examples but like I said, I was never forced to do anything so I don’t have any actual incidents to draw from, okay? If I ever have kids, by the way, they’re going to be great.

So now, as an adult with a full time job, car insurance and health benefits (which I was VERY excited about), I’ve decided to try some of the things that I’ve “what if”-ed about throughout the years. Adventure #1 was learning ballet.

In preparation, I went through the process of finding a suitable dance studio – DanceColab in Burbank, CA (which is awesome!) and tracking down a place to buy a leotard and shoes. I was happy to see that there were other adults in the store before I realized that they all had small children with them. Small children who were just starting to take ballet classes. After a brief consideration of ‘fight or flight’, I decided to fight and/or stay there and shop for a leotard and shoes amongst girls who were probably seventeen or so years younger than me, give or take a year.

Obviously, this did not do much to deter suspicions that I might end up walking into a class where all of the girls were also seventeen years younger than me. Frankly, shopping around them is one thing, being an educational equal with them is another. Sorry, (tiny) ladies.

Luckily, the class ended up consisting of me, a wonderful teacher and four other adult women, one of whom was also a beginner. They welcomed me in with open – and perfectly posed – arms, and I’ve been going to class once a week for about four months now. And I don’t want to brag but I’m not awful at it! Pretty good for someone who can barely get through a day without spilling something.