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Talking with the real Adult Wednesday Addams. Yes, we're obsessed with her.

Q. How many versions of that outfit do you have? Will we ever see variations on Wednesday’s dress?

A. Just the one! I got the dress custom made for the series. There are a lot of Wednesday-inspired dresses out there, but none of them had the severity I was looking for. I don’t know if she’ll ever stray from her uniform. I do like Wednesday’s bathing suit in Addams Family Values, so maybe she’ll have a beach day in Season 3? Time will tell!

Q. Has anyone recognized you on the street as Adult Wednesday Adams?

A. Yes! Which is always surprising since in real life I have short hair and bangs. But it’s always fun when someone approaches me. It’s not too frequent, so I think I’m just as excited as they are.

Q. What is the one Wednesday story you didn’t get to tell in season two that you’d love to tackle next?

A. I’d love to do a few episodes on a bigger scale (which would require a bigger budget). I really want to take Wednesday to some kind of sporting event. I think she’d really like hockey. I also have an idea for a funeral episode that I don’t want to spoil. But trust me, it’s fun. That’s Wednesday’s favorite place.

Q. I know you’re crazy busy writing a pilot for NBC and taking gorgeous Instagram photos, but can we expect a season three?

A. Yes, absolutely! It has been a really crazy time with the NBC show, but I feel like Wednesday is a part of me now, and there are so many more stories to tell. Once my directing partner and I have a window, we’ll raise money and make more.

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