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Talking with the real Adult Wednesday Addams. Yes, we're obsessed with her.

When we last checked in with Adult Wednesday Addams and the web series’ genius star and creator, Melissa Hunter, Wednesday was just beginning to tackle life on her own in Los Angeles. The first season of this super-addictive web series was so successful Melissa was able to make a second season with a crowd-funded Kickstarter.  And like any great show when it hits its stride, the second season is as good, if not better, than the first. The standout episode “Wednesday vs. Catcallers,” in which Wednesday drops some serious feminism on a group of majorly rude dudes, was one of my recent favorites, but all the new episodes have been a delight, and if you haven’t already watched them, then stop what you are doing and prepare to get educated on life, Wednesday Addams-style.

In time for this week’s season finale, I caught up with Melissa to do a little behind-the-scenes Q&A about some season two highlights, getting back into character, the incredible support and reaction from fans, and what’s next for our girl Wednesday:

Q. Were you surprised when “Wednesday vs. Catcallers” became one of the most-widely watched episodes? It was so popular, you were interviewed by a lot of different news outlets, including People and LA Weekly. In fact, I remember one day I was checking Tumblr and there were gifs of it all over my dashboard with tons of reblogs! Why do you think that episode in particular struck a chord with viewers?

A. I knew that one had the potential to spread beyond the normal Wednesday Addams fanbase since catcalling is such a hot-button issue. Ever since that New York catcalling video came out a few months ago, it seems that there are endless discussions on how to deal with street harassment. Getting harassed like that leaves a woman with such a helpless feeling, so I felt like Wednesday could serve as a female superhero of sorts. And I think that’s really satisfying to watch. It’s like wish fulfillment for every woman that’s felt violated by a dude like that. It’s pretty sweet justice.

Q. Is the short-form web series your ideal choice for telling Wednesday’s story or would you ever want to make it as a movie, a book, or a TV show?

A. I’ve talked about this a lot with my directing partner (Mike Bernstein). I’d love to make it as a feature. I think starting her off leaving the Addams Manor and seeing how she adjusts to the real world and the real world adjusts to her… that would be a fun feature arc. Almost like a macabre version of Elf.

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