Adorable Goldfish Funeral

I was worried this little sugar cookie was going to crumble at some point during this video, but there are enough moments of charming goofiness both by Maya and her assembled family members to keep things light and funny throughout this long service… well, comparatively long, by goldfish community standards. That being said, if you are a member of the goldfish community, you might find yourself getting choked up at the [mostly] heartfelt eulogies for Lucky (and, SPOILER ALERT, the beloved brother who pre-deceased him). The pet was aptly named though, because who wouldn’t love to have this posthumous (or more accurately, post-inmarination) internet tribute, complete with bagpipe lament and poignant intro reminding us that happiness in life is actually a lot like a slippery fish trying to swim past, and we need to remember to reach out and seize that carp. And as much as I love my existing dad, I’ll probably have my prospective future husbands (AHEM, MISTER GOSLING) analyze this tape for parenting tips with the alacrity of a major league sports scout, because any dad who would go to all this trouble for his daughter is about seven thousand kinds of huggable. (Video by brazilianwonderbox on YouTube)

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