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Adele – ‘Skyfall'

Have you heard the news yet?  There’s new Adele! New Adele! New Adele!  Okay, okay… obviously, I’m more than a little excited that last week they finally released the Adele track ‘Skyfall’ which is the official theme song for the upcoming James Bond film of the same name.  True, it’s not new Adele as in a new single off a new record… but I’ll take what I can get.  Especially since, due to her current pregnancy, there is no official info on when we can expect a follow up to her last hit-machine, 21. So, who better to usher in the 23rd film of the Bond franchise starring the modern male marvel that is Daniel Craig, but the girl-with-the-golden-pipes herself.  Adele’s soulful voice is the perfect conduit for what is soon-to-be another classic 007 theme.

Over the years, music heavyweights like U2, Carly Simon, Paul McCartney, Shirley Bassey and even Jack White have all lent their talents to creating a singular song to back up those iconic Bond opening credits.   There have been some hits and some major misses in the lexicon of Bond themes, but they become part of film and music history, nonetheless.

I happen to think that Adele’s track will fall into the company of other Bond hits (pun intended) and it’s no wonder the filmmakers chose her for the daunting task.  ‘Skyfall’ has all the elements that comprise a true Bond theme winner: mysterious lyrics that hint at danger, what sounds like a million string instruments playing at the same time, subtle nods to the original ‘James Bond Theme’ by John Barry, and most certainly a vocal powerhouse to tie it all together.  Adele has said she was a bit hesitant to take on the project because of the inherent spotlight and pressure…but in the end it was a, “no brainer.”

Recorded with a 77-piece string orchestra at Abbey Road studios in London (yes, that Abbey Road), the single is available on iTunes now with the movie hitting theaters November 9th.  Check out the cool hybrid animation/lyrics video for the song below.  How do you think Adele’s take on the Bond theme compares?

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