Adam Carolla Says Women Not Funny; World Rolls Eyes

Adam Carolla is hilarious. One time I heard him go on a ten-minute podcast rant about how Mexican immigrants are ruining our society! Cool, right?! Just like that uncle who makes everyone uncomfortable at Thanksgiving! Maybe you had to be there? Listen, I can’t keep this up. I was lying back there. I don’t find the man funny but do think he’s full of bitterness and lacking in charm. This makes it unsurprising to me that he is proud to come out and finally tell the whole world that he firmly believes women are not as funny as men.

I’m not going to write out all the reasons why his statement is ignorant. The Splitsider article I’ve linked to does a great job of that. I’m also not going to try to be extra funny in this post to prove that I am a funny lady. When men tell me women aren’t funny I, normally a reliable source of sunshine, throw them bitter, cold shade. I definitely don’t feel the need to prove myself to them. Please. Does a rainbow try to prove itself to some asshole with bad hair?

I’m writing this because I want to encourage my fellow ladies to keep on keepin on. Adam Carolla? Are we supposed to take that seriously? Business as usual, gals! I gotta be straight with you here. I care very little about this whole Adam Carolla story (sorry, buddy) except to use it as a jumping off point to talk about the larger issue that I’m afraid discourages young women. There is a very particular type of man who at some point in your life will tell you women are not funny and he will most likely be someone you, yourself, have never laughed at. If you respect him, set him straight so that he won’t continue to make a fool of himself.

But most likely this man’s sense of humor is ugly and centered around his ignorant world view. You should take the fact that you don’t share his sense of humor as a compliment. He probably spends most of his weekends laughing at his friends while they repeatedly quote highly paid professional comedians and, I dunno, make obvious jokes about their fat friend or something. Not really your target audience, even if sometimes it feels like he’s cloning himself and has you surrounded. He’s probably also the kind of man who will act surprised when a woman can “hang with the guys,” as if this is an honor women seek to have bestowed upon them. If he thinks he can lump 51% of humanity into one very limited stereotype that can’t handle the comedic power of he and his friends intricate web of insider fart jokes, at the very least block him from your newsfeed? I dunno. Something to limit his presence in your life without making a big deal out of it because, whatever, he’s silly.

Keep writing. Keep speaking up when something you find funny pops into your head. Keep encouraging each other. Confidence is key. Our voices are valuable and often hilarious. Keep laughing at the farts you know in your heart to be funny. And then don’t be afraid not to laugh, even at times you face reprieve from some dork who uses the term “girly” as an insult. Let’s take another look at the vast majority of men in our lives. The ones who aren’t afraid to laugh whole heartedly with us; with no alterior motives or patronising comments about our gender. Darwinism is a neat little trick, you guys, let’s use it.

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  • Desiree Ann Gardner

    This made my day! I once had a boss tell me that women just weren’t funny. Even though I found it highly offensive, it honestly made me wonder for awhile if I was as witty as I thought I was. Then I realized his sense of humor was as shallow as he was. Real friends laugh together – no matter gender – not in competition with one another!

    • Mary Traina

      YES! well put!

  • Meredith Palagi

    Love this, what was more concerning was he view point of his own daughter! That she will not be as ‘funny’ as him and might get hired at a sitcom that she can never get fired from. Because as a lady we all know your lady bits protect you from getting fired.

  • Shannon Bravo

    “Please. Does a rainbow try to prove itself to some asshole with bad hair?”

    I’m dead now. That line is amazing. I will now use it in my daily life.

  • Devon Rowe

    Why do you think someone saying they think men are funnier than women would discourage your fellow ladies? If you’re trying to give women so much credit, aren’t you then discrediting them by thinking they might need your encouragement because of something Adam Carolla said in the first place? I don’t see what the big deal is anyway. It’s not as bad as you’re making it out to be. To say that Adam Carolla is “proud to come out and finally tell the whole world that he firmly believes women are not as funny as men” isn’t even what happened. A journalist asked him a question and he gave an honest answer. He thinks men are funnier than women. I imagine he thinks this because he feels he knows more men than women that are funny. Quite frankly, so do I. I can say without a doubt that I have more male friends that are funny than female. And I’m a fan of more male comedians than women comedians. I don’t see what’s wrong with that. Maybe men are better at comedy than women, or maybe more men have the confidence to get into comedy than women do, or maybe they desire to be involved in comedy more than women do. WHO CARES. Do women not go around all the time boasting about what they do that is better than men? We don’t have to be equal! It just feels like over compensating due to insecurities. I think if more women would stop feeling the need to prove themselves all the time as being equal or better than men they would get more respect. We’re all different. We all have things that are better and worse than some one else. Let’s just embrace it and move on and not condemn someone for stating their honest opinion. And if any woman actually believes that men are funnier than women solely based on someone else telling them that, then their an idiot who can’t think for themselves, and I guess that’s who you are writing this article for.

    • Emily Losey

      I’m sorry, “He thinks men are funnier than women. I imagine he thinks this because he feels he knows more men than women that are funny. Quite frankly, so do I. I can say without a doubt that I have more male friends that are funny than female.” Is this real life? You just lumped an ENTIRE gender together because of your particular experience, which seems a little closed-minded to me. I wish I could invite you to hang out with some of my lady friends, I think you’d change your mind. This site is about empowering people and that’s something that I really adore about it (ie, your comment was a lil bit meansies).

    • Caroline Jeffery

      he names Tina Fey as one of a few exceptions, so he, and EVERYONE, should take a little piece of wisdom from her best-selling book Bossypants, “Just because YOU don’t like something, doesn’t make it empirically not good.”

    • Mary Traina

      Who cares about Adam Carolla is exactly what I’m saying in this post. What I’m more concerned with is the fact that this is an issue that comes up all the time, whether from celebrities or some joe schmo you go to school with. I think it’s important to encourage women to move past this stereotype (not Adam Carolla). This is a site that reaches young women, who tend to need guidance more than young men because our society has a way of teaching us to be submissive from birth. What’s the harm in using this platform to remind each other that just because the boys club you may find yourself in school with (which I definitely found myself surrounded with when I was younger) has a sense of humor you don’t identify with, doesn’t mean you aren’t funny? It just means we need to work harder to get it out there for now. The reason it’s important for women to feel confident in their comedic voice is because a lot of us rely pretty heavily on it as a form of expressing ourselves. It doesn’t mean you are an “idiot” if you doubt yourself in the face of what I consider bullying; it makes you human. Plus, aren’t we all just tired of having “female” stuck before our titles all the time as if we should be judged in a different category from men, even when we are in the same field? “female CEO” “female comedian” “female …sister” I don’t know… listen, I don’t feel like making a list. It’s a mindset we all need to grow out of. Tina Fey isn’t a funny woman… she’s just funny.

    • M.C. Silver

      I think it’s silly to give credence to what comedians say in interviews…they are either trying to be funny, or they are giving their honest opinion. Either way it’s totally subjective.

    • Deanna Myers

      If you’re going to say, accuse someone of being of lesser intelligence than yourself, then you may want to use the correct pronouns. The correct use of “their” is a possessive, as in “THEIR comments are erroneous, completely off base, and ill-informed.” The correct use of “they’re,” on the other hand, is a contraction, as in THEY + ARE= THEY’RE. As in “THEY’RE not quite as intelligent as they might think, and could use a bit more understanding of what the real problem at hand truly is.”
      Just say’n.

  • Emily Losey

    This guy is such a tool. I truly think that now more than ever, our wonderfully funny and smart gender is shining in the hilarity area. Look at sitcoms right now: Mindy Kaling’s show is starting next fall and everyone is freaking out because it will be amazeballs because she is intelligent AND funny, Zooey’s New Girl is insane because of the great mix of men and women on it, Tina Fey rules the world on 30 Rock, and Amy Poehler portrays one of the funniest characters I’ve ever witnessed. And lets talk about podcasts… Um, hi… The JV Club… enough said. Lots of people are funny (when I say people, I mean girls, guys, and everyone in between). And lots of people are just sad sacks who can’t deal with someone of the opposite gender being funnier than they are, so they must result to the least funny and least intelligent
    form of humor: insult.

    • Shanna Hamilton

      And let’s not forget Kristen Wiig! I’ve never cried so hard seeing someone leave SNL. Most of the men on there now, aside from Bill Hader, are interchangeable with any other guy in the cast. Aside from Andy Sanberg. Who could easily be replaced by Keanu Reeves, considering that’s his impression of EVERYONE. I’m so glad we’re over the whole “family sitcoms with manly father figures who are outrageous but loving at the end of the day because the world doesn’t spin without them.” sorry, Tim Allen. But Zooey and Mindy and Melissa are here to rule the world.

  • Jac Sanchez

    girls rule, boys drool. that’s all anyone needs to know.

  • Elisabeth Miller

    I loved this. And I loved how Tina Fey dealt with the “women aren’t funny” issue in her book. She had to break a lot of barriers within comedy. Hats off to her and all the other funny ladies out there!

  • M.C. Silver

    Another thing is that I consider “dumb blonde” jokes and essentially any joke where the punchline is “women are dumb” to be waaaaayyyyyyyy more harmful than someone saying women aren’t funny. I don’t know how many times people have tried to tell me dumb blonde jokes and gotten pissed when I told them I’m not interested. “But it’s really funny,” they say, and that right there is a way bigger problem. Gender issues shouldn’t be the butt of jokes, but yet, they are. A lot. I think that is worth examining, what we think is funny that is really just perpetuating awful stereotypes…especially as comedians…but instead it’s this.

  • Amy Danielle

    You put that brilliantly.

    When I first heard what Adam Corolla said, my initial reaction was “Who the f*ck is Adam Corolla?” … I still don’t actually know.

  • Ally Cat Darling

    Thank you for posting! I feel the exact same way. I think, as a whole, Women are just more scared to “mess up”, or “say something stupid”, as opposed to Men who will say anything that comes to mind until eventually a funny remark comes out. Perhaps this is because of d-bag comments like this one!! Thanks Adam! You just lost another fan :).

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