Adam and Edith – Buxton's Back with Bowman in Tow!

The Adam and Joe Show was bloody brilliant, wasn’t it?

Adam and Joe are most definitely national treasures, and their various incarnations over the years means their legacy is far-reaching – and impossible to resist. If you’re me. In case you hadn’t noticed (I *may* have mentioned it before), I love Adam and Joe. I love them individually and as a team. I love their TV show, radio show, podcasts of said show and even their tweets.

But this is not the time for that…because Adam has returned to BBC 6music – this time without Joe and with the beautiful Edith Bowman instead. In case you missed it, here’s my round-up of show #1.

Adam and Edith – the A&E Show

First, it’s important to read Adam’s blog post on his return to 6music with Edith. It gets all the admin out of the way – why Joe won’t be around for a while, why he didn’t pair up with Garth, and why he’s excited about working with Edith.

I, for one, was nervous on their behalf – and I think even they would admit that the nerves were evident in the first couple of links – but, you know, it was endearing. There’s a bit of a legend to live up to – even though, as they acknowledge in the opening link, it’s not the same show. I don’t envy Edith stepping into Joe’s shows, even though (a) IT’S NOT THE SAME SHOW and (b) obviously I do envy her, very much. Apparently some comments and tweets on the announcement were less than complimentary – well, you know, we’re obviously better people than all of those people.

After the first few links were out of the way, they settled into it. Some conversations that had potential to becomes the kind of sprawling silliness I like from my radio DJs stopped short with self-aware awkwardness; but this did start to change around the cusp of the second hour.

I like to think that they’ve set up their chemistry/relationship by way of the ‘intro to Edith’ section, which I could not do justice to in a round-up, so I suggest you download the podcast and have a listen yourself.

Familiar Features

We got to hear some of our favourite Buxton silly voices, and the jingles are new – but familiar. Adam and Joe’s Text the Nation feature becomes Memory Bank; this week’s theme was on meeting your idols. This mostly involved celebrities saving fans from minor coffee-related emergencies, or people embarrassing themselves when they met their heroes. Which led to my ultimate highlight of the show: “Sorry Matt, you’re a complete wally.” (1hr 50m) Heehee, wally.

Dr Buckles displayed his usual self-deprecating frankness when discussing his history of when he’s twice been shunned by his hero, David Bowie, including the time Bowie was asked if he’d prefer Adam and Joe or Jo Whiley to interview him…Bowie chose neither. He then told us in no uncertain terms why it’s pronounced Bow-ie (‘bow’ as in ‘to tie a’, not Bow-to-rhyme-with-wow-ie). Edith followed with telling us how Harrison Ford was “so dull”. You  wouldn’t be able to admit that on Radio1.

Black Squadron are left to their own devices in terms of  how, when, and by what name they want to assemble. Song Wars is also back – – hooray! Doctor Sexy, anyone?

So, What Next?

What I liked was that the show was self-aware enough to hold itself back from being the Adam Buxton Show. Signs of a great partnership emerged from time-to-time – with them finishing each other’s sentences and bouncing off each other in a very endearing way. But, well, hats off to the both of them for getting through it – see above re: big shoes to fill.

At the end of the day, it’s not the Adam and Joe show, but neither does it try to be. The A&E show is something else – something deserved of its slot on BBC6, and which will hopefully lead to recognition in its own right.

P.S. You guys, if Adam is Doctor Buckles, then you should definitely go with Edith the Ediatrician (1hr 39m).

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