About Christina Hendricks' Boobies…

I’ve been sitting on the sidelines patiently waiting for things to move in another direction, but Christina seems hell bent on treating you poorly.  As an America citizen, inaction feels like the real crime. I’m ready to swoop in and help you but I need to know that you’ve done everything on your end to effect change. Am I victimizing the victim? I hope not.

Look, no one is denying that you deserve attention. You’re spectacular and mysterious and special. That’s why it hurts me to see this:


In the words of Billy Crystal, “It’s not funny, it’s not fun.”

And I’m going to say it,  I think she’s taking advantage of you. Your work on Mad Men is extraordinary…  Are you  SAG? I’m not making a pun, I’m being really serious. Are you getting residuals? Because you should be and I have no problem going to bat for you on that front as well. I mean, look:


You’re doing exactly what you should be here. You’re upbeat, confident, stern, a little aggressive but with a warmth that whispers, “Top o’ the morning.”

Do you know how many boobies would give their left nipple to have that kind of emotional range?? And next thing I know, she’s got you out in public like this:

You don’t even have a chance to do what you do best because you’re being suffocated within an inch of your life.

And believe me, I think you should be celebrated. You don’t need to be cloaked in cloth and hidden but when you’re up so high it just feels like you can’t be your fully realized self. I mean….come on.


This next pic is where I have to bring your accountability into question.

This is perfection. You look present, sexy, self-assured and at ease. Now, the question I’m going to pose to you is: Did you let Christina know how you felt? At the end of the night, when the dress came off and you climbed into bed, moments before that eager husband of hers made his move, did you say thank you ?  If you didn’t then I need you to ask yourself why.

The thing is, I think you’ve done your part in contributing to a healthier overall attitude towards beauty. We had a string of years where hipbones and collarbones were all the rage.

Now with likes of you and the Vergara Girls on the red carpet, real woman are celebrating their curves. Christina needs to know that this is a marathon not a sprint. WE SEE YOU. We can’t help but to.

I want you to know that I’m here. I’m on high alert and I’m ready. I’m going to give “C.H.” one more chance to get it right but if I see you like this one more time…


I’m stepping in. It’s enough already.

  • http://www.facebook.com/tianalyn Tatiana Daugherty

    I totally agree! I am blessed with ample breasts, and, in my youth, I used to showcase said assets. Now that I’m older and wiser, however, I know that you don’t want to lead with your breasts. It’s awesome to have great cleavage, but what CH is showcasing should only be seen by her eager husband. I feel her ample cleavage cheapens her. Just my opinion…

  • http://www.facebook.com/sarahhood0 Sarah Hood

    Totally agree, but I wish people would stop using the phrase “real women” when they mean “curvy”. We’re all real, regardless of shape and breast size, and us girls need to stick together :) (Not advocating being underweight of course! Being healthy is the best look for everyone). Assets that big can’t be hidden, but they can be classy and I think that is a far sexier look, as in the green dress photo.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1195393042 Olivia Colsman Langford

      LOVELY! I am not curvy and that does not make me not “real”. I’m real, yo! And the blog post….AMEN! celebrating a natural gift and practically shoving it in my and my children’s, grandmother’s, and husband’s faces (if we happen to turn on the TV or see a magazine she is on the cover of)…are two VERY different things. She looks ridiculous and it makes me want to look away.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=672026900 Katherine Book

      I totally agree!!! We don’t want to completely swing the other way either: upholding the huge breasts and curves as the desirable norm and the petit-framed, smaller chest as the deficiency. Every woman should feel beautiful. For me this article only reinforces a feeling of shame for being naturally skinny and small chested. Believe me, Christina Hendricks is an extreme herself, reinforcing extreemly high standards of sexuality that can only be attained through plastic surgery. What happens is that this image becomes the emobiment of sexy, while others who lack these qualities lose their sexuality, and perhaps even their status as complete women.

  • http://www.facebook.com/chuppmunk Ashley Chupp

    I am not comfortable at all with the sentiment behind this article. This is 2011. Shouldn’t we be past chastising other women for displaying their physical assets however they please? If Christina Hendricks wants to show off her cleavage, she should without fear of being judged by her fellow women. Just because it’s not how you would do it, that doesn’t mean Christina is in the wrong. Not your body, not your problem. Christina is a classy lady and a respected actress. It’s not like she exploits her body for attention. And even if she did, it’s not our place to address it. Honestly, I’m disappointed. I’ve come to expect a more feminist/woman-friendly atmosphere on this website.

    And also, “real women” exist in every shape, size, color and temperament. It’s offensive to suggest otherwise even in jest.

  • http://www.facebook.com/juliahays Julia Hays

    You only live once. Wear whatever you want.

  • http://www.facebook.com/fionahelen Fiona Lyons

    I’m in agreement with Ashley on this one. As a girl with naturally big boobs I’m sick of seeing them being equated solely with sexiness and seediness. I was told as a teenager to cover them up or not wear form-fitting clothes because of them. I’m sure people didn’t mean to shame me, but that’s what they were doing, they were telling me to hide and be ashamed of my body. I hated mine for a long time for this reason until I realised that they’re a part of my anatomy as are my hands or my feet or my nose or my eyes. It’s taken me a long time to not hate them so, no, I’m not going to be happy when I see other girls with big boobs shamed for not hiding them away. They’re glorious, and if random people on the street are going to make character judgements on me or anyone else who isn’t afraid of showing some cleavage, then they’re not worth knowing.
    (And ditto on the “real women” thing. ALL women are real women.)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=694967984 Heidi Maier

    Thank you, Ashley and Fiona!

  • http://www.facebook.com/lisa.degrandpre Lisa de Grandpré

    I disagree with this article. I think it’s a woman’s right to wear what she pleases. And these examples are just from award shows as well. It’s an unfair sample.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mandytavenierknight Mandy Tavenier Knight

    As a woman with some tig ole bitties I have to add that sometimes it is rather hard to ALWAYS be able to cover them up unless you’re wearing a freakin’ t-shirt. I find myself sometimes realizing AFTER the fact I have worn something that maybe it wasn’t it best choice since I’m left to up my top all night long. You have to be careful all of the time about what you choose to wear. Sometimes it just happens…. Hey, she’s got a nice rack, show it off before they hit the floor.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mandytavenierknight Mandy Tavenier Knight

    *pull up

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=706410545 Angie Fisher

    I adore that CH has a great rack. I love that she flaunts it. I do however wonder why she sports the “uni-boob” look so much. I personally have huge boobs, and when mine are smashed together like hers are in the pics it hurts. Lift and seperate ladies, lift and seperate.

  • http://www.facebook.com/amberrene Amber Rico

    No I don’t think the super cleavage is Christina’s best look but all of those designer dresses are designed to push your boobies up giving you a slender fit from armpit to waist because we’re still a society of people that believe skinnier is better. Yes she could pick other dresses but at awards shows what girl wouldn’t want to wear something on par with other stars. Also Look at any small breasted star, their tiny boobies are being shoved up too they’re just not as big so you don’t notice quite so much. It’s hard for bigger busted women to find clothes that fit there figure right in the first place let alone trying to find a designer that makes dresses that are chic enough for the red carpet.

  • http://www.facebook.com/CarolineEAnd Caroline E. Anderson

    I remember reading an interview with her when she said that she loved Mad Men because it was the first time in her life that she wasn’t worried about what to do with her breasts or felt like she had to cover them up. I’m not in love with the “cover them up” reverse reaction. I feel like she clearly has larger-than-most breasts and probably has a hard time finding something supportive, with coverage, that is comfortable to wear. If she found something that works, good for her!

  • http://www.facebook.com/iluvjoseiii Iris Casarez

    Hmmm i agree that anyone no matter therir size,shape or form can and wear wht they please…but i got to be honest since i have never seen mad men or know who this actress was before reading this article…so i in all honesty thought to myself “why is someone writing a piece on someone in the adult film genre?” I read the comment from someone who said someone who’s that judgemental isnt worth knowing but it wasnt my intention but if you look at it from someone who has no idea who the person is or what they do you see someone whose breast are halfway out you cant really.epect them to think they’re a very serious person to take into account. as i scrolled down the pictures they were worse and worse. Im all for people doing and wearing what they please, live and let live, but no one can be upset when theyre being judge by others at first glance then. Its like some people say first impressions are importantant and by first glance this actress looks a little over the top flashing her besties….

    • http://www.facebook.com/lehcarmuntz Rachel Muntz

      Er, she’s not in the adult film business…

  • http://www.facebook.com/kcostantini Katherine Costantini

    I have so many thoughts on this article and the comments that are more than likely unpopular. I think it must be pretty difficult for her to find a dress that people won’t scream “Dowdy!” or “Too revealing!” about. In all of these photos, Christina Hendricks is at a formal event and she looks appropriate for the setting and confident in her appearance. I think that since it’s 2011 and since “Everything hosted on the site will be lady-friendly, so visitors need not worry about finding the standard Boys Club content that makes many entertainment sites unappealing to so many of us,” maybe we should stop the body snark and commentary about breasts that serve to only cause laughs and bring someone down. I’m okay with fashion commentary, but I’m not okay with trying to make fun of someone for the way their body looks.

  • http://www.facebook.com/malinda.wallace Malinda Wallace

    I hate that there’s an entire article here chastising a woman because of the way she chooses to dress her body. I feel like this woman can’t win. She covers up and she’s dowdy. She wears a dress that any of us less-endowed women might wear without so much as second thought and it’s too revealing. What exactly is she supposed to wear?
    As far as I can see she looks beautiful and she’s working the hell out of the dresses that she’s been given by designers who clearly don’t design dresses with a woman of her shape in mind. Think of what a nightmare it must be just get a dress for these events when you’re not a sample size.
    This article is basically reducing a woman who is talented, beautiful and seemingly quite charming to nothing more than the size and placement of her breasts. How degrading!

  • http://www.facebook.com/alyssa.day Alyssa Day

    If someone likes how they look and feel in a dress, he (that’s right) or she shouldn’t put it back because it might be offensive to others.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Mrs.Tindall Samantha Tindall

    I’m not necessarily offended by it I just think it looks bad. She squishes them so much they look alien sometimes.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=872025306 Wini Lo

    i love christina hendricks and i think she’s downright beautiful. if she looks happy and comfortable, then what’s the problem? let the woman dress how she likes. it’s a free country.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=872025306 Wini Lo

    PS, body snark helps no one.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=654965611 Deanna Raphael

    Oh my ladies….I’m feel like this article wasn’t taken in the spirit it was intended. I love Christina Hendricks + her boobies. I believe they should be celebrated, seen, cherished and admired. I don’t think they need to be covered up, I do believe they look best when they’re not hiked up so high.
    Point taken on calling women “real women”.
    I was having fun writing a letter to a pair of boobs, my intentions were pure.
    Rock your bobbies.
    xoxo Deanna

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