The Pregnant Lady's Perspective


Things have been really, really insane this week because of the aforementioned title. As you can see, my husband got the Big Job he interviewed for a few weeks ago, and naturally, we’ve all gone completely nuts. Every last one of us, including the one I’m gestating. He’s throwing parties in my womb as we speak – that’s the only explanation for all of the boisterousness going on up in there.

As for the job, it doesn’t require any kind of relocation, thankfully, and it’s got comprehensive health benefits (even better than those we have now, which is such a relief with the new baby coming along), a huge pay hike, and the satisfaction of being employed in a position where my husband can say, “This is my dream job.” I mean, come on: how often does that happen? How many times in a lifetime can someone say “I am utterly and wholly fulfilled by what I’m doing in my professional life”? I cannot get beyond both the immediate and long-term blessings that this job has, and will hopefully continue to, bestow upon us and the word “psyched” doesn’t even come close to cutting it. Can you tell that things are good right now? Really, really good?

Best part? He’s starting next week. As in “the position will be filled before the holidays.” And if you’re anything like *me* around the holidays, it requires a lot of planning, flexibility and ability to provide the best experience for those around me, whether it be family, friends, or total strangers at the local food drive. It’s going to be a great season, and this is only the kick-off.

Speaking of those holidays! They’re just right around the corner, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? I mean, seriously, where has this year gone? I’m not sure what’s floored me harder this month – that Thanksgiving is two weeks away (and Christmas only SIX!), or that I’m entering my twenty-sixth week of pregnancy. Does. not. compute. I’ve gone into full-blown nesting-planning-for-the-holidays mode, and there hasn’t been much room for anything other than cleaning, planning, grocery shopping, and … right, cleaning. But don’t get me wrong; there is nothing – nothing – in the world that I love more than preparing for, and enjoying, the holidays.

What are you guys doing to gear up for Thanksgiving? Heading out? Hosting folks? Hiding out and avoiding the melee??

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